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#5784 problem with speed limits Bug Normal Daemon 2.84
#5787 bind-address-ipv6 not keeping it settings Bug Normal Daemon 2.84
#5797 Finished torrents "lose" pieces in Transmission but file is actually complete Bug Normal Transmission 2.82
#5811 The Queue changes on restart Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5821 Group headings in table grid should lock-at the top of table grid when scrolling down livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.84
#5823 Actionable Notifications livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.84
#5842 file names from a torrent weird but still verifies Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5856 bulk change torrent location Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.84
#5880 Settings are reset to default after restarting Transmission Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5882 Transmission doesn't recognize RPC user anymore Bug Normal Daemon 2.84+
#5904 Starting service on FreeBSD does nothing but overwrite the rpc-whitelist field in settings.json Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5911 RCP Authentication enabled, browser doesn't check Bug Normal Daemon 2.84
#5913 libutp for CMake-based builds r14484 Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5967 Crashes Bug Normal Transmission 2.84+
#5981 Magnet Torrents Disappear Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5987 Set as default dir box checked but next time it will revert to old folder Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#5994 New error denied all downloading to my PC Using Transmission client Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6004 Option box to not show torrents moved to subfolder Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6007 automatic start Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.84
#6010 Verifying local data fails on files with some non-ASCII characters in their names Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6012 Transmission's entries in Notification Centre can't be cleared livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.84+
#6013 Remote whitelist does not work Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6015 Dual Monitor setup - When I switch off one, the Qt client disappears jordan Bug Normal Qt Client 2.84
#6025 Move after complete goes to the same folder Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6047 filter combobox has wrong count jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.84
#6052 transmission-gtk segmentation fault jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.84
#6068 disable NAT-PMP, but not uPNP Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6074 Waiting to check existing data Bug Normal Transmission 2.84
#6076 No password asked Bug Normal Transmission 1.06
#6080 Web UI: too much jQuery? Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.90
#6088 Since March 1 I have not been able to download anything via Transmission. Bug Normal Transmission 2.90
#6091 2.92 version number incorrect in "Get Info" livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.92
#6103 Uploading a new torrent & Verifying a completed download, resets the File Quarantine flag - to rescan file against XProtect blacklist livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.92
#6109 POST http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc 409 (Conflict) Bug Normal Web Client 2.92
#6149 Script-torrent-done bug Bug Normal Daemon 2.92
#132 Implement superseeding mode (BEP16) tiennou Enhancement Low libtransmission
#320 Merge build system changes required for Solaris somebody Bug Low Transmission 0.80
#535 make libtransmission shared charles Enhancement Low libtransmission 0.95
#536 global option to "stop seeding at ratio %" charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 0.95
#594 transmission-daemon crashed when adding the same torrent twice SoftwareElves Bug Low Daemon 0.72
#614 "make clean" removes files Bug Low Transmission 1.00
#700 Use shadown-in for torren list charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.05
#747 Submit T to Mac OS X Downloads Bug Low Mac Client 1.06
#766 GTK Toolbar and Icon size charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.06
#875 Use gio/gvfs to add non local torrent files charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.11
#939 Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese. Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.11
#1003 Add torrent via URL Enhancement Low Transmission 1.21
#1021 setting "download" and "priority" *outside* the GUI Enhancement Low CLI 1.21
#1022 allow reordering the torrent stack in the main window Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.21
#1036 make "sort by activity" cumulative between sessions charles Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.21
#1071 Brazilian Portuguese Updated Translations Translation Low GTK+ Client 1.22
#1080 Support for Hoffman-style HTTP Seeding charles Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.22
#1231 Binary vs SI prefix Enhancement Low Transmission 1.33
#1394 Zeroconf Peer Advertising and Discovery charles Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.34
#1419 Change torrent delete behavior when multiple categories are selected Enhancement Low Mac Client 1.34
#1462 Transmission crashes system (Gentoo, 2.6.25-r9) Bug Low Transmission 1.06
#1615 Statistics through the rpc charles Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.40
#1694 Upload Speed Indicator Gimp Bug Low Web Client 1.42
#1716 send "&ip=" arg in tracker announces Enhancement Low Transmission 1.73
#1721 Clean way to quit daemon from transmission-remote charles Enhancement Low Daemon 1.42
#1722 Sort output from 'transmission-remote -l' Enhancement Low Transmission 1.42+
#1778 Crash when download is set Locked (readonly) livings124 Bug Low Mac Client 1.42
#1854 Ratio starting from 0 when seeding from a different machine charles Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.50
#1905 checked the source with static code analyis tool, it brought up issues Enhancement Low Transmission 1.51
#1927 Suggestions for panel icon (preferences menu, pause) charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.51+
#1958 Custom progress line for CLI charles Enhancement Low CLI 1.51
#1973 Proxy support for peers casper Enhancement Low Transmission 1.50
#1979 [Mac OS] Autolaunch Transmission if there are incomplete downloads livings124 Enhancement Low Mac Client 1.51
#2002 Session time charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.52
#2042 Option to disable icon in filelist charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.60
#2048 Main window + Inspector don’t work well with Spaces livings124 Bug Low Mac Client 1.60
#2053 Custom color upload/download badge icon Enhancement Low Mac Client 1.60+
#2063 Changing user and password for web ui is confusing. charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.60
#2102 wishlist -- include browser choice option in preferences Enhancement Low Transmission 1.61
#2105 Bring Transmission window to the top when adding new torrent. charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.61
#2113 Feature request: deselect all files in a torrent Enhancement Low Transmission 1.61
#2129 Gnome enhancement: emblems charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.61
#2177 Use bigger icons in the main torrent list charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.70
#2239 Setting "preallocation" to 3+ in settings.json fails daemon Bug Low Transmission 1.72
#2274 Transmission uses wrong icon size in notification area. charles Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.72
#2419 Add support for keybind ctrl-w to close windows for gtk client. charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 1.75
#2448 Transmission-remote -st reports total duration incorrectly after a crash Bug Low Transmission 1.75
#2459 Search enhancements livings124 Enhancement Low Mac Client 1.75+
#2512 Watch for torrent opens old torrent files left from download folder after starting Trans Defect Low Transmission 1.75
#2526 download-dir is reset after transmission daemon crash in settings.json Bug Low Daemon 1.75
#2588 EtaDLSpeed could be based on a longer time interval Enhancement Low Transmission 1.76
#2622 Unable to build trunk - configure script fails with error. Bug Low Transmission 2.04
#2690 add torrent by url Enhancement Low Transmission 1.76
#2764 Feature Suggestion for IP address geolocation Enhancement Low Transmission 1.76
#2766 Remote DNS resolution through SOCKS5 proxy jch Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.76
#2923 allow user-defined blocklist URL Enhancement Low Transmission 1.90
#3016 Option to sort by Date Completed livings124 Enhancement Low Transmission 1.91
#3142 Please don't fsync charles Bug Low libtransmission 1.92
#3253 Prefetching of magnetized metadata right away Enhancement Low Transmission 1.93+
#3326 incomplete french translation Translation Low Transmission 2.00
#3436 allow for adding multiple URLs at one time kjg Enhancement Low Web Client 2.01
#3537 Change left-click behavior for notification area icon Enhancement Low Transmission 2.04
#3542 r11194, Two help options in menu bar. livings124 Bug Low Mac Client 2.04+
#3559 Feature Request: Deselect all Enhancement Low Transmission 2.04
#3670 Does transmission vanish/dissappear after Apple Update? zackz Bug Low Mac Client 2.11
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