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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1124 Updated Progress Bar for Clutch charles Enhancement Low Web Client 1.30
#1125 If a torrent has 0% completed, the progressbar is 1 pixel long Gimp Bug Low Web Client 1.22
#1184 Clutch prefs dialog shuffle Gimp Enhancement Low Web Client 1.32
#1328 Grammatical error in Dutch localization. livings124 Translation Low Mac Client 1.34
#1369 Why cp_status_t and tr_torrent_status are different? charles Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.34
#1470 Missing help-page for preferences charles Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.40
#2271 rounding problem in printf() charles Bug Low Transmission 1.72
#2521 Garbled messages from trac titer Bug Low Wiki
#3071 Add bittorrent for MemUp LX Media John Clay Enhancement Low Website 1.92
#4325 GTK+ client's docs are out-of-date John Clay Bug Low Website 2.31
#324 The Transmission licence fails to include a copyright notice somebody Defect Lowest Transmission 0.80
#332 Source file package does not unpack cleanly somebody Bug Lowest Transmission
#392 help update somebody Bug Lowest Transmission 0.82+
#537 The progress bar should have a border charles Enhancement Lowest GTK+ Client 0.95
#1505 Order of menu items in menubar and contextual menu livings124 Enhancement Lowest Mac Client 1.40
#2856 Spelling error on Building Page (Web-Wiki) Waldorf Bug Lowest Wiki
#4315 Missing uTP state in wiki - peer status text Waldorf Bug Lowest Wiki 2.31
#5009 Change in Wiki page FileTooLarge Waldorf Enhancement Lowest Wiki 2.61

Resolution: invalid (82 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1635 Transmission-daemon crash on ubuntu 8.10 charles Bug Highest Daemon 1.42
#1875 Transmission 1.50 corrupt Disk Structure Bug Highest Transmission 1.50
#2351 Option to remove "ALL" when deleting a torrent Bug Highest Transmission 1.73
#2399 Transmission never closes correctly - It freezes at close. Bug Highest Transmission 1.74
#2423 4xx tracker error for all torrents on snow leopard 10.6 Bug Highest Transmission 1.75
#2843 1.83 Crashes on launch Bug Highest Transmission 1.83
#3123 Bug in r1558 (po/ Bug Highest Transmission 1.92
#3223 "tracker did not respond" error on CentOS 5.5 i386 with libcurl 7.15.5 Bug Highest Daemon 1.93+
#3288 Can't resume downloads from where it was stopped in session before. Screpach Bug Highest Mac Client 1.93+
#5353 Error: Invalid Argument Bug Highest Transmission 2.77+
#5482 when I run the init.d script, the settings.json setting will recover to default setting Bug Highest Transmission 2.82
#5960 Transmission (Not Responding) jordan Bug Highest Qt Client 2.84+
#202 Over Downloading somebody Defect High Transmission 0.80
#315 Progress bar is completely corrupted livings124 Bug High Mac Client 0.82+
#842 transfer speeds dropping to 0 Bug High libtransmission 1.11
#1268 transmission-daemon leaks memory charles Bug High Daemon 1.22
#1303 transmission-gtk crash charles Bug High GTK+ Client 1.34
#1348 Crash When Setting Web Interface Port to 80 charles Bug High GTK+ Client 1.34
#1376 maximum transfer limit ignored after tracker error livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.34
#1534 Transmission notices when users delete downloaded files manually smmalis Bug High Transmission 1.40
#1609 Port mapping doesn't work when a all traffic is already forwarded to my ip Bug High Transmission 1.41
#1650 Don't trash downloads when client crashes Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1692 Troubles with trackers without scrape features Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1725 Missing component Waldorf Bug High Wiki 1.42
#1726 Missing versions Waldorf Bug High Wiki 1.42
#1801 Macbook shuts down on low battery with transmission's "prevent from sleep" option on livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.42+
#1910 Kernel Panic in Snow Leopard livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.51
#1926 Segmentation fault on OpenBSD amd64 current "Mar 6 19:35:53 MSK 2009" charles Bug High Daemon 1.51
#1945 can not make ./configure on headless NAS Bug High Transmission 1.51
#2081 Daemon collapsed? Bug High Daemon 1.61
#2748 Find reliable public Proxy Servers Enhancement High Transmission 1.76+
#3002 Port refuses to open Bug High Transmission 1.76
#3099 Transmission-daemon not running Bug High Daemon 1.92
#3167 I can't login to this trac system with my real email John Clay Bug High Website 1.92
#3210 I get an error message that I can't understand Bug High Transmission 1.92
#3386 Web Client doesn't support queue Enhancement High Daemon 2.01
#3464 Transmission hangs too often Bug High Transmission 2.03
#3540 Transmission creates files on disk, even if they are not selected to download Bug High Transmission 2.04
#3690 Crash on Quit, LOST DATA, DVCPROHDAudio.plugin problem? MacJunkie Bug High Transmission 2.11
#3752 DBUS using 25% CPU constantly Bug High Daemon 2.12
#3768 Permission Denied Errors Bug High Transmission 2.12
#3944 Multipe Copy Past of trackers url's doesn't work anymore in 1.20b1 Bug High Transmission 2.13+
#4031 transmisison-daemon 2.11 memory leak? jordan Bug High libtransmission 2.11
#4134 Unselected items in torrent with multiple files get downloaded Bug High Transmission 2.22
#4207 Add UDP configuration message for Mac OS Enhancement High Transmission 2.22+
#4294 open-file-limit always set to max 384 Bug High Transmission 2.31
#4539 PROXY-SETTINGS IN TRANSMISSION-GTK jordan Enhancement High GTK+ Client 2.33
#4639 Transmission wont stop communication Bug High Transmission 2.42
#4780 403 error when adding watch directory Bug High Daemon 2.42
#4881 "Remove with data" doesn't remove data Bug High Transmission 2.51
#5263 Transmission 2.76 on synology DS411J Bug High Transmission 2.76
#5383 Downloading to near empty large hard drive fails with 'No space left on device' error livings124 Bug High Mac Client 2.77
#5457 Hangs with 2700+ active torrents Bug High Transmission 2.82
#5489 Tracker returned error.. Seed or Donate Enhancement High Transmission 2.82
#5652 Torrent never starts when added via web interface or watch folder livings124 Bug High Transmission 2.82
#5657 Moving Files after download, Setting optional download directory other than in jails. Bug High Transmission 2.82
#5840 unable to now connect to server using Transmission GUI Bug High Transmission 2.84
#6142 Error compiling transmission QT UI Bug High Transmission 2.92
#67 more info about progress? somebody Enhancement Normal CLI
#340 Run configure after automake somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission 0.82
#345 to many anouncments on some torrents leads to crash somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#384 don't let pex peers flood our local pool Bug Normal libtransmission 0.82
#386 Transmission-daemon only uses info hash to identify torrents charles Enhancement Normal Daemon 0.82
#418 reqIsValid can be made faster Enhancement Normal libtransmission 0.90
#439 Use only the one and only port specified in preferences. somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.91
#443 small memory leak 3 Bug Normal libtransmission 0.95
#452 Progressive downloads for streaming playback somebody Enhancement Normal libtransmission 0.95
#453 0.92 CLI won't build under OSX charles Bug Normal CLI 0.95
#471 Abstract away NAT Traversal stuff tiennou Enhancement Normal libtransmission 0.95
#497 Make Transmission communicate with Clutch somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.02+
#514 Deselected files are still downloaded Bug Normal Transmission 0.94
#518 On creating new torrents, Transmission ignores files starting with ... Bug Normal libtransmission 0.94
#538 Torrent files no longer associated with Transmission Bug Normal Transmission 1.02+
#547 Transmission stops seeding/downloading for 1-2 minutes after adding/removing torrent Bug Normal Transmission 0.96
#550 Improvements to the new progress bar charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 0.96
#557 Spanish Translation Updated Translation Normal GTK+ Client 0.96
#558 Option to bias towards downloading chunks in file order Enhancement Normal Transmission 0.96
#566 ja.lproj livings124 Translation Normal Mac Client 0.96
#581 deselecting a torrent causes scrollbar to jump to the bottom livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.02+
#618 statusbar should be inline with toolbar charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.01
#621 Transmission steals focus from X11 apps in Leopard Bug Normal Transmission 1.01
#622 preferences window always opens in virtual desktop 1 on leopard livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.04
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