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#1285 don't inhibit power management when manually triggering suspend or hibernate charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.34
#1287 Web client leaves open the uploaded file. Gimp Bug Normal Web Client 1.34
#1292 Random crashes in 1.3 branch Bug Normal Transmission 1.33
#1299 Pref Window Glitch livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.34
#1301 Check/Uncheck all files option - When adding transfer Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1304 Error: No space left on device livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.34
#1312 Shutdown on download finish (option) Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.33
#1323 make install fails on Ubuntu Intrepid Beta Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1333 preference to have all files checked as "ignore" by default upon opening a new torrent Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.34
#1344 Crash Report Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1345 Speed over 1.5Mbps Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1349 webinterface - useable without javascript Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1350 Request for Enhancement: Automatically pause torrents hosted on external media Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1353 transmission-daemon crashes on ARM linux Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1356 Listview doesn't resize when the filter is changed anymore. charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.34
#1358 Crash in tr_runInEventThread r6920 Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1360 Tool/Filter/Status Bar does not hide/show properly charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.33
#1362 Transmission OS X Crash After Torrent Was Paused charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.34
#1367 [svn build error] missing third-party/libevent Bug Normal Transmission 1.34
#1373 Change Hours:Minutes to days:hours:minutes Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1384 Transmission crashes in uClibc environment doing verify charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.42+
#1404 Google Chrome will not connect to the internet Bug Normal Transmission
#1405 Clear completed torrents charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.34
#1414 Transmission should give verbose decimal information for large torrents Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1418 Per-torrent encryption settings Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34
#1421 torrent file default storage location changed to ~/Desktop in past week or so livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.34+
#1422 Google Chrome and WebInterface context menu Gimp Bug Normal Web Client 1.34
#1437 add a pulldown of previous saved locations to the Add Torrent dialog livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.34
#1444 Multi-column lists seize the mouse cursor when trying to set smaller width than min Bug Normal Transmission 1.34+
#1452 Mark "add torrent" button as important charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.40
#1464 Random Quits Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1466 Disable option dialog by default Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.40
#1475 Update blocklist button in preferences dialog is not translatable charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.34
#1479 Others BTClient download file from Transimission is slow Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1481 Use a lot of CPU, because of call on gettimeofday() often? Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1484 Web interface acts weird on Firefox 3.1 (Minefield Gimp Bug Normal Web Client 1.40
#1489 Disk Usage Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.40
#1490 DTrace support Enhancement Normal Transmission
#1499 Transmission constantly forgets download path if on external drive livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.40
#1507 Allow multiple rpc requests to be folded into one array charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.40
#1509 multiple transmissioncli or daemon do not downloading apart on each other charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.40
#1513 Stealth Mode connection attempts Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1551 Setting per-torrent speed limit breaks global speed limit Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1573 Apple+F does not put typing pointer in search field Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1574 daemon can't seed: libevent got an error! what=17, errno=11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) (peer-msgs.c:1856) charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.41
#1578 Enable renaming files within torrents Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.34+
#1586 Allow local-network acces on embedded devices by default charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.41
#1596 Unintuitive ratio after readding torrent and replacing files Bug Normal Transmission 1.40
#1606 transmission performance is slow charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.41
#1612 Port Forwarding Log glitch charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.41
#1613 Use GtkBuilder to design user interface charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.41
#1617 [i18n-fr] Wrong 'Open Folder' translation in French charles Translation Normal GTK+ Client 1.40
#1620 Build errors in wx (1.4.1beta4) Bug Normal Transmission 1.41
#1636 transmission 1.42+ nightly build shows "0 peers" "0 seeds" with 3 (IPv6) seeds/peers active Bug Normal Transmission 1.42+
#1637 Cannot open a .torrent with Transmission from (web browser / command line / file manager) charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42
#1641 Re: Memory Usage - Inactive Memory Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1645 OS X panic crash Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1646 verifying local data very slow on large torrents charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.42
#1649 UPnP no longer works charles Bug Normal Transmission 1.42+
#1654 New Download/Upload Speed Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.42
#1665 Transmission quits unexpectedly when hard drive is full Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1672 number of active downloads Gimp Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.42
#1676 Transmission 1.42 (7495) crash in Ubuntu 8.04 charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42
#1677 Daemon stops seeding but doesn't show it or any error message. charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.42
#1688 accessing web interface, should give webinterface traffic priority Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.42
#1693 tr_bencDictAdd: Assertion `tr_bencIsType( ( dict ), TYPE_DICT )' failed Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1697 7709 iMac G5 Crash Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1706 Allow getting a specific field from -i/--info charles Enhancement Normal Daemon 1.42
#1714 top like view Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.42
#1729 Slower speeds since 1.34 charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.42
#1737 aclocal fails charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42+
#1746 Not properly deleting torrents - last one deleted re-appears when you next launch Transmission charles Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1750 List of files selection/priority resetting Bug Normal Transmission
#1755 Quitting Transmission seems to hang Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1756 Crash (Mac OS X 10.5.6 Intel) charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.42
#1761 Integrate the "details" window in a pane charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.42
#1762 r7810 Crash when clicking "Cancel" in an add torrent window charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.42+
#1763 Allow proxy or ssh tunnel for peer exchange connections Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.42
#1768 stop seeding on ratio and move finished files to dir enhancement | how to implement new features Enhancement Normal Transmission
#1771 GTK warnings printed by Transmission charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42+
#1792 Beta Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.42
#1807 Silently dies when disk becomes full Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1808 Downloads the wrong files Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1816 Web interface does not listen on eth1 if eth0 is not present charles Bug Normal Web Client 1.42
#1837 1.50 in private trackers: not connect to all possible peers livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission 1.50
#1839 Close Confirm Hidden livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.50
#1840 Preferences Pane Hidden Bug Normal Mac Client 1.50
#1851 Scripts should be installed with transmission-cli package charles Enhancement Normal CLI 1.50
#1857 Configure fails in the intltool version test in PPC architecture Bug Normal Transmission 1.50
#1860 bandwidth limits in 1.50 completely busted Bug Normal Transmission 1.50
#1877 Crash when downloading Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1878 Remove the torrent verify on incomplete torrents when transmission or router has to be retarted Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.51
#1880 transmission crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch() charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.51
#1888 Crash after letting run over vacation. Bug Normal Transmission 1.50
#1896 Transmission daemon crash charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.51
#1897 Time machine not backing up completed downloads. livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.51
#1898 Transmission 1.51 (7970) web interface on midori(webkit-gtk) Gimp Bug Normal Web Client 1.51
#1900 transmission-daemon -d returns wrong information Bug Normal Transmission 1.51
#1901 torrent added in watch-dir feature of transmission-daemon start, but do not display in web interface. charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.51+
#1908 Add Option to batch-skip hash check Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.51
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