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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2601 Add download link the web client kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.75
#2603 Deselecting individual torrents is ignored on Mac livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.76
#2615 Program received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe. Bug Normal Transmission 1.76
#2623 Transmission seems to execute tracker requests for paused torrents. Bug Normal Transmission 1.76+
#2628 Idea: add "Add URL..." button to toolbar (at least GTK+ lacks it now) Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.76+
#2630 Idea for Transmission feature or plugin Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76
#2632 Add streaming capability to libtransmission (but not the Transmission GUI clients) charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.76
#2633 Hashcheck database feature for collectors Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76+
#2649 crashes when adding a torrent or clicking on an already active torrent charles Bug Normal Qt Client 1.76
#2659 1.80 Beta 2 dl/ul considerably slower than 1.76... Bug Normal Transmission 1.76+
#2663 Empty RAM after quitting Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76
#2664 Torrent Trackers not showing up correctly in the inspector livings124 Defect Normal Mac Client 1.76+
#2675 watch-dir setting to libtransmission Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76
#2684 Torrents changing in status disappear from the filter. livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.76+
#2688 Not announcing stat to tracker correctly? Bug Normal Transmission 1.76+
#2699 IPv6 doesn't use udp Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76
#2724 Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped) Bug Normal Daemon 1.76+
#2725 Port Forwarding Bug Normal Transmission 1.76
#2731 Assertion failed: (winner >= 0) in fdlimit.c:539 charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.76+
#2736 Web client still broken on WebKit browsers kjg Bug Normal Web Client 1.76
#2741 Two "Help" menus in Mac OS X 1.80b4 (9884) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.76+
#2747 individual Upload Bandwidth Limit default Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76+
#2763 Scheduler Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.76
#2779 4xx tracker error Bug Normal Transmission 1.80
#2803 Add an option to check for update at startup livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.82
#2808 Threading infrastructure charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.82
#2813 Firefox 3.6 context menu shown over torrent context menu kjg Bug Normal Web Client 1.76+
#2826 Automatically randomize port at specified intervals to bypass traffic shaping Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.82+
#2829 replace wiki main page with MainPage charles Enhancement Normal Wiki Other
#2830 progress bar is solid green when seeding even if only part of torrent was downloaded kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.83
#2839 Transmission reports "closed port" but... Bug Normal Transmission 1.83
#2847 Torrents with long filename are lost at restart Bug Normal Transmission 1.83
#2853 Internet Freezes Bug Normal Transmission 1.83
#2859 Set per torrent speed/ratio limits from the torrent right-click menu Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.83
#2866 Transmission login box will not appear in Google Chrome Bug Normal Transmission 1.80
#2868 Access to more torrent properties while adding a new one. More straightforward resource management. charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.83
#2869 More descriptive tracker announce/scrape error messages Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.83
#2871 Blocklist sheet does not disappear if closed when app is hidden livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.76
#2883 Network activity without active transfers livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.83
#2897 German translation completed Translation Normal Transmission 1.83
#2901 Transmisson blocks all other internet activity. Ubuntu Karmic Bug Normal Transmission 1.83
#2912 transmission-remote: ability to select all private or public torrents Enhancement Normal Daemon 1.83
#2913 Peer Current Piece charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#2914 Add an option allowing torrents reached their seed ratio to be automatically moved to a different location Enhancement Normal Transmission
#2918 Column view kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.83
#2931 transmission-remote: set download directory to same as location of torrent file Enhancement Normal CLI 1.90
#2946 Error: Value too large for defined data type Defect Normal Daemon 1.90
#2956 Very slow working RPC in transmission-daemon Bug Normal Transmission 1.91
#2957 Generic option parser Enhancement Normal Daemon 1.91
#2958 Minimize use of tr_ptrArray in certain critical parts of the code charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.91
#2967 Alternate table-based display Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.91
#2969 Add file filtering to the torrent Add window Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#2975 Ipv6 feedback kjg Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#2988 Make Mac client support upload-slots-per-torrent Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#2989 Chokes on torrent with long file paths livings124 Bug Normal Transmission Other
#2994 Regular crash in transmission-daemon near tr_bandwidthClamp() Bug Normal Daemon 1.91
#3021 Statically linked version Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#3022 Set maximum download and upload values Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#3025 Transmission hangs on startup Bug Normal Transmission 1.91
#3027 Support for sending messages to a Stomp message broker Enhancement Normal Daemon 1.91
#3028 Daemon won't run with empty settings.json Bug Normal Transmission 1.91
#3039 Progress bar not using theme color charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.91
#3048 Check the default location for files not added as torrent in transmission Charles Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.91
#3050 libevent build fails if 'env' tool in uncommon location Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3056 MobileMe syncs Transmission's preferences Bug Normal Transmission 1.92+
#3062 Transmission downloads low priority files first charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.92
#3063 Torrent ids change upon restart Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3065 auto clean feauture charles Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.92
#3066 visual speed graph feauture Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.92
#3073 CLI documentation clarifications needed Bug Normal CLI 1.92
#3074 Can't transfer downloaded files using Windows rockinthesixstring Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3080 Function "Stop seeding at ratio" not applied in partial torrents! livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.92
#3085 Transmission 1.92 crashes often requiring lengthy re-verification of local content Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3088 Transmission 1.91 (10264) crash charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.91
#3090 Partial torrents' sorting order incomprehensible within view "sort by progress" livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.92
#3092 invalid download amount reported for the tracker Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3100 filter by activity enhancement in kettu kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.92
#3102 power failure during verification phase -causes data loss Bug Normal Transmission 1.75
#3115 Statistics button charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.92
#3118 transmission don't leave free space on disk Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3121 Stats not being reported during download Bug Normal Daemon 1.92
#3127 Torrent completes, then starts seeding forever Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3131 SnowLeopard. Final destination folder same as original, doesn't work Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3138 Unstable transmission charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.72
#3139 Pause all torrents when own IP changes Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.92
#3149 Daemon should emit dbus signals on completed torrents and completed files Enhancement Normal Daemon
#3161 Limiting Upload / Download speed Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3163 Transmission hangs up on DNS-313 Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3175 Integer overflow in leecher number Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3184 Torrents Being Re-added After Removal Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3188 Transmission scans own IP address ports Bug Normal Transmission 1.93
#3202 Transmission 1.93 / 10.6.3; Energy saving disabled livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.93
#3207 100.00% reached while still bytes to download Bug Normal Transmission 1.93
#3217 Daemon running but doesn't respond on Synology NAS Bug Normal Daemon 1.93
#3225 Can't open input server (Mac) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.93
#3228 Tracker Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.93
#3237 RPC should allow comment to be set Enhancement Normal Daemon
#3240 Add suspend inhibit Bug Normal Transmission 1.92
#3251 Schedule Speed Limit will not disable livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.93
#3254 Missing mnemonics in app indicator menu Bug Normal Transmission 1.93
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