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#3922 proxy tab missing Bug Normal Transmission 2.13
#3929 2.20b1 peer_id looks incorrect Bug Normal Transmission 2.13+
#3935 sorting options for transmission-remote -l Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.13
#3946 time schedule Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.13
#3983 RFE(Suggestion): store 'resume' files in binary not bencoding - lower I/O Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.13
#3992 Announcer.c (libtransmission) doesn't honor LIBEVENTCFLAGS Bug Normal Transmission 2.20
#3999 'Open a Torrent' is HIG compliant but a functional regression Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.20
#4008 allow user to redirect stderr stdout separately from backgrounding Bug Normal Daemon 2.20
#4025 Regression on double-click on torrent jordan Bug Normal Qt Client 2.21
#4049 Mac client: editing tracker url is misleading livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.20
#4057 Total transferred bytes should be displayed in powers of 2 rather than in base 10 units livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.20
#4058 current source package doesn't compile on Suse 11.2 Bug Normal Transmission 2.20
#4074 transmission-gtk doesn't display tray icon jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.20
#4095 Process Name is empty for Transmission in Activity Monitor livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.22
#4103 download-dir stored and used upon torrent add NOT torrent complete Bug Normal Transmission 2.22
#4115 zeitgeist integration jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.22
#4122 transmission-gtk 2.22 fails to open/add new torrents properly Bug Normal Transmission 2.22
#4124 Added Cookie Input Box to WebUI Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.22
#4131 create android port of transmission-qt through Necessitas jordan Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.22
#4149 upgrade transmission Bug Normal Transmission 2.22
#4154 Error message continues to show, preventing other status updates Bug Normal Transmission 2.04+
#4159 transmissioncli - Create a torrent - "Failed opening torrent file" Bug Normal Transmission 2.04
#4169 Idea: option to do torrent verification in background manner. jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.22
#4180 IPv6 only operation (wish) Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.22
#4181 Pieces Graph for WebUI fx Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.22
#4186 Filter torrents by completeness in Qt Client jordan Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.12
#4187 scheduled announces trigger unscheduled scrape requests Bug Normal Transmission 2.22+
#4193 Custom incomplete location for groups Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.22
#4195 compilation failure when "--enable-utp" is used Bug Normal Transmission 2.22+
#4197 add an option to disable IPv6 support in transmission Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.22
#4202 Reserve disk space jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.22
#4213 Setting torrent priority to high monopolizes bandwidth jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.22
#4221 Scrape and announce socket file descriptors are not closed for some trackers jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.22+
#4239 Speed Limitation is not working Bug Normal Transmission 2.22
#4248 ./configure fails on Solaris 11 express (without pkg-config) Bug Normal Transmission 2.22+
#4257 JSON parser fails to parse comments Bug Normal Daemon 2.31
#4265 Peers/Network web client preferences not working in Chrome 11 on Linux Bug Normal Web Client 2.31
#4272 Blocklist doesn't follow redirects livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.31
#4281 Visualize seed progress, like the web client does jordan Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.31
#4282 torrent file save directory Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.31
#4293 Choose incoming & outgoing port ranges Enhancement Normal Transmission
#4298 close should minimize to tray by default jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.31
#4302 Webclient seems to be not working Bug Normal Web Client 2.31
#4311 open file limit 1024 Bug Normal Transmission 2.31
#4317 Incomplete folder ignored when group has custom location livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.31+
#4324 Don't build tests during normal build Bug Normal Transmission 2.31
#4334 Add sorting by tracker Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.32
#4339 0 speed limit is like no limit at all in Turtle mode Bug Normal Transmission 2.31
#4345 cross complier with mips Bug Normal Transmission 2.32
#4358 build on ubuntu: /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/local/share/transmission': No such file or directory Bug Normal Transmission 2.32
#4381 utp.cpp:123:59: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules Bug Normal Transmission 2.33
#4405 expand directories in settings.json jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.33
#4407 Listening port should be closed when there's no activity Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4412 huge ratio on torrent Bug Normal Transmission 2.32
#4419 Separate file completion notification Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.33
#4435 GTK display errors jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.33
#4450 provide ability to use separate set of DNS server(s) for name resolution Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.33
#4451 Finished torrents go on being processed Bug Normal Transmission 2.33
#4478 transmission-daemon socks proxy issue Bug Normal Daemon 2.33
#4494 transmission v. 240b1 compilation error Bug Normal Transmission 2.33+
#4501 throttle back to single scrape if tracker only gave one response to multiscrape jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.33
#4514 cpu usage pegs and holds on magnet/dht download jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.33+
#4525 'torrent id' should be cached Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.33
#4527 'tracker id' should be cached jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.33
#4535 Error "Error : No Rx Descriptor, disabling rx DMA" Bug Normal Transmission 2.33
#4574 Allow for a more aggressive queue handling Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.41
#4582 Suggestion: save usage data for overall stats reporting Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4589 Crash when adding a torrent livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.42
#4590 2.42 does not compile on Snow Leopard or earlier Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4596 UDP bandwidth does not honor bandwidth limits Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4597 Patch to add RPC authentication support over PAM Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4598 The peer list for active torrents should be able to display the peers hostnames Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.42
#4599 For active torrents, record the time at which we have 0% of data and when we reach 100%, display them in activity pane of webclient Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.42
#4604 Error compilation with utp enable Bug Normal Transmission 2.42+
#4610 memory consumption rated at 65% even though download completed and idle. Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42+
#4612 Retrieve Deleted Files Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4614 Display control info speed additionally to download/upload speed Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4619 Set script per torrent Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4623 queue-stalled-enabled working incorrect in one case Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4626 Change Completion Target When Transfers Changed Group Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4627 Ignore Self When Viewing Available Blocks for Seeding Torrent livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.42
#4628 Change Toolbar Color in WebUI from Red to Navy Blue Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.42
#4652 After finishing a torrent, verifying it shows between 0.1 and 20% bad blocks Bug Normal Daemon 2.41
#4655 Broken notification names in GNOME 3 jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.42
#4658 segfault at utp.cpp:1567 Bug Normal Daemon 2.42+
#4659 Reject some peer who slow seeding X3STeNLiTE Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4668 unselect files in torrent not working Bug Normal Transmission 2.33
#4671 Transmission-gtk + GTK3 build losses progress bar jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.42
#4672 resetCache (Verify Data) if Transmission was improperly shutdown. Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4681 environment variables can't be recognized Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4692 RPC, Getting the torrent metainfo Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.42
#4709 Torrent Download limit, Seed limit Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.33
#4721 Delay transmission web access until it has stabilizes completely. Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4723 Unable to build 2.42 on debian: error: conflicting types for âUTP_Writeâ Bug Normal Daemon 2.42
#4735 Allow building without UDP jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.42
#4737 TransmissionQT 2.42-2 - Segmentation fault Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4740 No guide to install Transmission on kimsufi Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4755 How to capture magnet link from windows firefox browser? Bug Normal Web Client 2.42+
#4757 "trash-original-torrent-files" doesn't work in daemon mode Bug Normal Daemon 2.42
#4762 True Trackerless and Decentralized "mesh" style (Tribler) jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.42
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