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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#196 NAT-PMP doesn't work after rebooting Airport joshe Defect Highest Sometime Transmission
#240 All Torrents Removed on Launch livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client
#430 Torrent 'recovery' after crash or version upgrade resumes at signicantly lower completion percentage. charles Bug Highest 0.92 libtransmission
#667 remote crash exploit in bencode parser Bug Highest 1.04 Transmission
#1548 Peers "flap" after r7186 charles Bug Highest None Set Transmission
#1604 Transmission GUI & Subprocess crashes jhujhiti Bug Highest None Set Transmission
#2793 The 1.81 announce did not contain the port number charles Bug Highest 1.82 libtransmission
#3360 Web Client doesn't work correctly on Firefox charles Bug Highest 2.01 Web Client
#3441 "The transfer cannot be added because it is a duplicate of an already existing transfer." livings124 Bug Highest 2.03 Mac Client
#4070 Assertion failure happens soon after Transmission startup jordan Bug Highest Transmission
#4079 GTK+ Transmisson crashes when opening magnet link jordan Bug Highest GTK+ Client
#4152 Crash since 12255 jordan Bug Highest libtransmission
#4547 Transmission 2.40 won't run on Mac OS 10.5 livings124 Bug Highest 2.41 Mac Client
#4979 Security issue jordan Bug Highest 2.61 Web Client
#5002 crash in UTP_ProcessIncoming() jordan Bug Highest 2.74 libtransmission
#5053 2.7 client crashes on Mac OS X 10.6 livings124 Bug Highest 2.71 Mac Client
#5170 crashing on start-up on non-English systems livings124 Bug Highest 2.75 Mac Client
#5396 Not showing active torrents in web client and transmission-remote-gtk Bug Highest None Set Transmission
#5694 Gatekeeper - Invalid Developer Certificate livings124 Bug Highest None Set Mac Client
#98 typesetting error in transfers prefpane somebody Defect High Transmission
#131 OS 10.5 compatibility somebody Defect High Sometime Mac Client
#139 GTK+ Client from latest SVN segfaults somebody Defect High Sometime GTK+ Client
#142 Transmission is leaking TCP connections somebody Defect High Sometime Transmission
#172 Fix pool memory leak titer Defect High Sometime libtransmission
#193 reading scrape answer segfault titer Defect High Sometime libtransmission
#242 Private Flag Not Respected somebody Bug High libtransmission
#255 Bugs discoveres by scan Bug High libtransmission
#270 Transmission crashes with Rev 2489 Bug High Sometime libtransmission
#299 TR_FR_RUN undeclared. Bug High libtransmission
#317 Transmission aborts when downloading Bug High None Set libtransmission
#342 Info displaying weird stats somebody Bug High 0.90 Transmission
#398 0.90 crash: peer-msgs.c:905: failed assertion `msglen == 0' charles Bug High 0.91 libtransmission
#412 Transmission 0.90 Ignores global upload limit charles Bug High 0.95 libtransmission
#414 Trouble with many opened files charles Bug High 0.91 libtransmission
#415 0.90 crash: torrent.c:343: torrentRealInit: Assertion `tor->destination != ((void *)0)' failed. Bug High 0.91 GTK+ Client
#437 port forwarding broken somebody Bug High 0.92 Transmission
#446 intltool version isn't detected correct somebody Bug High None Set Transmission
#473 0.93 crash: Assertion `req->length == (uint32_t)( ((block)==((msgs->torrent)->blockCount-1)) Bug High 0.94 libtransmission
#511 Crash on attempt to Resume All charles Bug High 0.95 Transmission
#530 Port mapping broken in 0.95 on Leopard!!! Bug High 1.00 Transmission
#553 cache errors keeping a torrent from starting Bug High 1.00 Transmission
#593 1.00 and 1.01 freeze for 20 seconds or more charles Bug High 1.02 libtransmission
#598 1.00: OpenBSD compile & align errors charles Bug High 1.01 libtransmission
#609 gtk crashes if a torrent is removed while its details window is open charles Bug High 1.02 GTK+ Client
#613 'Message length exceeds max" error when contacting official bittorrent peer charles Bug High 1.03 libtransmission
#617 Transmission goes above the set bandwidth limits charles Bug High 1.40 libtransmission
#653 overflow issue in Transmission/1.01 charles Bug High 1.03 libtransmission
#660 HTTP error in tracker announce gives "400 Bad Request" on lighttpd-based trackers charles Bug High 1.03 libtransmission
#771 Segfault in strlcpy when trying to open a torrent charles Bug High 1.10 GTK+ Client
#826 Transmission doesn't open torrents via web browser charles Bug High 1.33 GTK+ Client
#853 transmission-(daemon|gtk) segfault when querying status charles Bug High 1.20 Transmission
#968 'transmission-remote -r' deletes all charles Bug High 1.30 Daemon
#988 Unchoke unchokes uninterested peers in SVN 6000 charles Bug High 1.22 libtransmission
#999 Assertion Failure: peer-mgr:665 denis Bug High 1.30 libtransmission
#1134 Transmission Stops Communicating with Trackers charles Bug High 1.32 libtransmission
#1143 crash in 1.30 when adding torrents: div by zero charles Bug High 1.31 libtransmission
#1144 wrong version in version.h charles Bug High 1.31 libtransmission
#1190 Regression: Transmission 1.32 cannot correctly encode folder names in settings.json charles Bug High 1.33 Transmission
#1242 Local data can be corrupted by bad peers when Transmission accepts duplicate blocks during endgame charles Bug High 1.92 libtransmission
#1305 Transmission losing data - Session Transfer significantly higher than actual download charles Bug High 1.40 libtransmission
#1320 Daemon stops responding to RPC queries after incorrect RPC requests charles Bug High 1.40 Daemon
#1370 tracker connections can & should be faster charles Bug High 1.40 libtransmission
#1387 Easy code changes to reduce CPU load charles Enhancement High 1.40 libtransmission
#1389 bitcomet handshake with TransmissionBT failed charles Bug High 1.40 libtransmission
#1431 Download speed wrong Bug High 1.40 Transmission
#1447 Tracker request failed. Got HTTP Status Code: 0 (No Response) charles Bug High 1.41 libtransmission
#1463 HTTPS tracker doesn't work in 1.40 charles Bug High None Set libtransmission
#1528 Transmission segfaults when accessing the web interface (headless build, ARM) Bug High None Set Transmission
#1607 GUI Freeze after few minutes Bug High None Set Transmission
#1627 OSX mutex lockup in 141 and up to 7490 Bug High 1.42 Transmission
#1684 Crash when downloading a file that's got the same name as an existing directory Bug High None Set Transmission
#1698 RunTime Check failture charles Bug High None Set libtransmission
#1727 Missing component charles Bug High None Set Wiki
#1776 crash in tr_cryptoComputeSecret() charles Bug High 1.50 Transmission
#1789 Two connections allowed to the same peer jhujhiti Bug High 1.50 Transmission
#1976 build problem with r8173: "erreur: ‘POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL’ undeclared" charles Bug High libtransmission
#1992 failed assertion `session->events != NULL' charles Bug High 1.72 Transmission
#2073 can't upload new torrent file in web ui kjg Bug High 1.70 Web Client
#2096 Magnet links - Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files (BEP #9) charles Enhancement High 1.80 Transmission
#2162 .resume file doesn't get saved often enough charles Bug High 1.74 libtransmission
#2199 DHT should not announce stopped torrents charles Bug High 1.72 libtransmission
#2215 Transmission segfaults on loading/adding torrents Bug High None Set Transmission
#2251 gtk client should use GDK-safe versions of g_idle_add() and g_timeout_add*() charles Bug High 1.73 GTK+ Client
#2258 Use less memory when downloading charles Enhancement High 1.73 libtransmission
#2326 high cpu load when adding unregistered torrents Bug High 1.75 libtransmission
#2341 RPC changes for alt upload speed, alt download speed, and per-torrent connections don't apply correctly livings124 Bug High 1.74 Mac Client
#2342 setting the global per-torrent peer connection limit does not apply to newly-added transfers for the session livings124 Bug High 1.74 Mac Client
#2377 Keep Leopard compatibility while using the 10.6 SDK livings124 Bug High Mac Client
#2542 Transmission freezes when using 'Move data file to...' livings124 Bug High Transmission
#2573 Don't send BT_PORT messages over IPv6 charles Bug High 1.80 libtransmission
#2576 IPv6 support for the DHT (BEP-32) jch Enhancement High 1.80 Transmission
#2583 Infinite loop in DHT code charles Bug High Transmission
#2585 Enabling DHT causes a high CPU load charles Bug High 1.80 Transmission
#2738 DHT dosn't detect an ipv6 or ipv4 address change klapaucjusz Bug High 2.00 libtransmission
#2742 Curl_hash_pick crash charles Bug High libtransmission
#2759 Excessive CPU Usage livings124 Bug High Transmission
#2792 in [1.80...1.82] all peer traffic stops & starts at regular intervals charles Bug High 1.83 libtransmission
#2804 1.82 crashes when adding a torrent via an ftp link charles Bug High 1.83 GTK+ Client
#2819 announce URLs containing raw IP addresses don't work in 1.82 charles Bug High 1.83 libtransmission
#2854 Transmission doesn't retry an announce when the "tracker did not respond" charles Bug High None Set Transmission
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