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#416 0.90 crash: ipcparse.c:574: ipc_mkgetinfo: Assertion `typearray[ii].type == ( 1 << ii )' failed. charles Bug Normal 0.91 Transmission
#398 0.90 crash: peer-msgs.c:905: failed assertion `msglen == 0' charles Bug High 0.91 libtransmission
#415 0.90 crash: torrent.c:343: torrentRealInit: Assertion `tor->destination != ((void *)0)' failed. Bug High 0.91 GTK+ Client
#426 0.91rc1: if pex is disabled on a stopped torrent, pressing "resume" causes pex to be re-enabled. charles Bug Normal 0.91 Transmission
#473 0.93 crash: Assertion `req->length == (uint32_t)( ((block)==((msgs->torrent)->blockCount-1)) Bug High 0.94 libtransmission
#499 [0.94ß] Crash while checking somebody Bug Normal None Set Transmission
#3617 1000+ warnings of "inlining failed" in libtransmission when compiled with gcc 4.4.4 charles Bug Normal 2.11 libtransmission
#593 1.00 and 1.01 freeze for 20 seconds or more charles Bug High 1.02 libtransmission
#589 1.00: completion.c:174: failed assertion `piece <tor>info.pieceCount' charles Bug Normal 1.01 libtransmission
#585 1.00 could be faster by elminating reconnect intervals for some peers charles Enhancement Normal 1.01 libtransmission
#601 1.00: crash when in "deep logging" mode charles Bug Normal 1.01 libtransmission
#598 1.00: OpenBSD compile & align errors charles Bug High 1.01 libtransmission
#620 1.01 assertion failure: `pad_d_len <= 512' in handshake.c:527 charles Bug Normal 1.02 libtransmission
#676 1.04's bencode rewrite has some bugs charles Bug Normal 1.05 libtransmission
#798 1.06's handling of http redirects can strain hotspots charles Bug Normal 1.10 libtransmission
#903 1.11: Not making use of Tier 2 tracker on Tier 1 error charles Bug Normal 1.20 libtransmission
#960 1.20 crash in startup on tr_metainfoMigrate charles Bug Normal 1.21 libtransmission
#1315 1.34 doesn't recognize Osprey Permaseed peer-id charles Bug Normal 1.40 libtransmission
#1600 1.40: clicking enable/disable PEX checkbox in preferences has no effect charles Bug Normal 1.41 GTK+ Client
#1562 1.40 sends unnecessary `cancel' messages when choked charles Bug Normal 1.41 libtransmission
#1545 1.41b1: speed temporarily jumps to 2x the upload limit charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1739 1.50b[1,2] dump poorly-performing peers even when we don't have candidates to replace them charles Enhancement Normal None Set libtransmission
#1070 1:60 ??? charles Bug Normal 1.30 GTK+ Client
#2168 1.70 build failure in libdht charles Bug Normal 1.71 Transmission
#2195 1.71 assertion: tr_peerIoSupportsFEXT( msgs->peer->io ) peer-msgs.c:265 charles Bug Normal 1.72 libtransmission
#2655 1.80b1 crash in peer-mgr.c's getPeersToClose() charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2804 1.82 crashes when adding a torrent via an ftp link charles Bug High 1.83 GTK+ Client
#2924 1.90 crashes on startup charles Bug High 1.91 libtransmission
#3258 1.93 sends "stopped"+"started" before "completed" if an incomplete-dir is used charles Bug High 2.00 libtransmission
#3351 2.00+ (10851) Completing download causing crash. charles Bug High Mac Client
#2273 2009/07/13 snapshot of libnatpmp and miniupnp has better haiku and mingw support charles Enhancement Normal 1.73 Transmission
#3382 2.01+ (10919) Hangs after launch. charles Bug High libtransmission
#262 2388 breaks OS X compiling livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#5053 2.7 client crashes on Mac OS X 10.6 livings124 Bug Highest 2.71 Mac Client
#5407 2.80 (14102 and 14103) crashes in tr_peerMgrGetDesiredAvailable () on OS X v10.8.4 mike.dld Bug Normal 2.90 Transmission
#5417 2.80 + (14116) crashes (assertion failure) when stop seeding ratio is set to 0,00 livings124 Bug Normal 2.81 Mac Client
#6087 2.90 (14691) Crashes After Download Bug Normal 2.91 Mac Client
#371 3272 crash during seeding somebody Bug Normal None Set Transmission
#2756 32 bytes leaked by tr_threadNew() charles Bug Lowest 1.81 libtransmission
#963 404 error for 1.21 help. charles Bug Normal 1.22 GTK+ Client
#863 5585 build fail (osx - libtransmission/transmission.c missing) charles Bug Normal None Set Mac Client
#2241 64-bit goodness livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.74 Mac Client
#23 Ability to cancel checking joshe Defect Normal 0.80 Transmission
#704 Ability to check hash on CLI/daemon charles Enhancement Normal 1.10 Daemon
#110 ability to choose to download only certain files within a torrent charles Enhancement Normal Sometime Transmission
#2625 Ability to create a magnet link charles Enhancement Normal 1.80 Transmission
#26 Ability to force a check. somebody Enhancement Low Transmission
#984 Ability to use custom local or remote block lists charles Enhancement Normal 1.30 Transmission
#3644 About Dialog always appear with main window charles Bug Low 2.12 GTK+ Client
#1700 A bug in check-openssl.m4 for not teach Makefile about OPENSSL_*. charles Bug Normal 1.50 Transmission
#3863 Accept info hash in "Add url..." dialog charles Enhancement Normal 2.20 Qt Client
#80 Action button somebody Defect Lowest Mac Client
#4455 Action on N>1 torrents doesn't work properly in web interface jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#3470 Add a bit of spacing to Qt Client' filter bar charles Enhancement Normal 2.10 Qt Client
#3898 Add "Add" and "Remove" buttons to the tracker list jordan Enhancement Normal 2.20 GTK+ Client
#2733 Add "Add URL..." to dock menu charles Enhancement Normal 1.80 GTK+ Client
#2593 Add a Filter field to the Message Log window livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.90 Mac Client
#3630 Add a link to the Transmission homepage inside the web client charles Enhancement Normal 2.11 Web Client
#563 add a missed localized string to Dutch livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.00 Mac Client
#381 Add an informative tooltip to the Status icon charles Enhancement Normal 1.10 GTK+ Client
#3443 Add a note to wiki about building only from svn on OS X Enhancement Normal Wiki
#1193 add a shadow to the torrent list charles Enhancement Normal 1.34 GTK+ Client
#1899 add a timeout condition to transmission-remote's daemon connection charles Bug Normal 1.52 Transmission
#2556 Add a torrent from a URL charles Enhancement Normal 1.80 GTK+ Client
#2789 Add a trackers tab to the inspector kjg Enhancement Normal 1.90 Web Client
#5543 Add a warning panel with id of duplicate torrent jordan Enhancement Normal 2.90 Qt Client
#4503 add basic systemd integration jordan Enhancement Normal 2.80 Daemon
#3071 Add bittorrent for MemUp LX Media John Clay Enhancement Low None Set Website
#3247 Add blocklist support for the pipfilter file format charles Enhancement Normal None Set libtransmission
#5190 Add borders instead of shadow on scrolled window jordan Enhancement Normal 2.80 GTK+ Client
#5828 Add CMake build system support mike.dld Enhancement Normal 2.90 Transmission
#207 Add custom sounds to Transmission livings124 Enhancement Low Sometime Mac Client
#4400 add cyassl support mike.dld Enhancement Normal 2.90 libtransmission
#907 Add download-unverified, download-failed to IPC charles Enhancement Normal 1.30 Daemon
#2471 added/removed trackers aren't applied until restart charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#3949 Add --enable-lightweight argument to configure jordan Enhancement Normal 2.20 Transmission
#4810 Add environment variable options to have libcurl verify SSL certs jordan Enhancement Normal 2.51 libtransmission
#5220 Add 'etaIdle' to 'torrent-get' in rpc. jordan Enhancement Normal 2.80 Daemon
#5510 Add file renaming to transmission web interface Enhancement Normal 2.83 Web Client
#3483 Add 'finished' filter to webui Longinus00 Enhancement Normal 2.10 Web Client
#3471 Add 'finished' to filterbar Longinus00 Enhancement Normal 2.10 Transmission
#2478 add first-time user dialog to follow suggestions from the draft "Informed P2P User Act" charles Enhancement Normal 1.80 Transmission
#3486 Add gzip compression support to RPC server charles Enhancement Normal 2.10 Transmission
#2875 Add incomplete-dir, dht & seedratio options to daemon charles Enhancement Normal 1.90 Daemon
#216 adding a duplicate torrent somebody Defect Normal Sometime Transmission
#2197 Adding a torrent from a browser sometimes doesn't work charles Bug Normal 1.72 GTK+ Client
#4464 Adding a Torrent in WebUI not working in certain cases jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4063 Adding a tracker before last failed add causes lockup livings124 Bug Normal 2.30 Mac Client
#2494 Adding a tracker changes announce status from time to "queued." charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#3943 adding "--enable-static --disable-shared -q" to ac_configure_args isn't necessary jordan Bug Normal 2.20 Transmission
#1661 Adding group autosort does not work for certain groups livings124 Bug Normal None Set Mac Client
#2713 Adding lists of trackers to torrents charles Enhancement Normal 1.80 GTK+ Client
#4712 Adding magnet link opens torrent preferences even if 'display a window' is disabled livings124 Bug Normal 2.83 Mac Client
#5105 Adding magnets to minimized window crashes. jordan Bug Normal 2.80 Qt Client
#3227 Adding torrents while filter displays no torrents messes with sort Longinus00 Bug Normal 2.00 Qt Client
#838 Adding trackers to existing torrents charles Enhancement Normal 1.30 Transmission
#4985 add magnet link generator to transmission-show jordan Enhancement Normal 2.61 Utils
#4119 Add "matches" option for all properties of "assign group to new transfers" livings124 Enhancement Normal 2.30 Mac Client
#1175 Add missing va_end()s muks Bug Normal 1.33 libtransmission
#1887 Add .mode1v3 and .mode2v3 to the Subversion ignore list livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
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