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charles (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#3432 Let the daemon's log file be set in settings.json Daemon Sometime Enhancement Minor Jul 15, 2010

It would be nice to be able to set the log file settings (-e --logfile) in the settings.json

#532 Collect unwanted, but received, blocks in a separate file libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Dec 7, 2007

12/06/07 15:43:15 eisa01 said:
It's possible to store the extra data in a separate transmission.dat file or something. That's what µTorrent does, works flawlessly. I guess you could put this in the Application Support folder on macs too, which makes it even better for the user.
µTorrent stores it in the folder of the files being downloaded.

The idea is to, as overly discussed in #514, not actually create the files we didn't want in the first place. Instead of creating the deselected files we could keep these pieces in a cache of some kind. ...

#1753 worker disk IO thread to ease the load in the libtransmission/libevent thread libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Jan 25, 2009

Some work is very heavy and currently the 'whole shebang' locks (hangs) for a unspecified period of time.

There need to be a 'worker thread', that does the 'heavy lifting'.

#2147 DHT announce status display Transmission None Set Enhancement Normal Jun 1, 2009


...you might want to consider exporting the tor->dhtAnnounceInProgress and tor->dhtAnnounceAt fields in the trackers pane (I'm thinking of a single field, say DHT announce due in, that either gives a time in minutes or says in progress).

#2175 support torrent tagging libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Jun 7, 2009

I wrote a little patch to tagging the torrents. The tags can be set over rpc with transmission-remote.

#2997 Auto-calculate upload slots per torrent libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Feb 28, 2010

See this ticket for more information.

This patch adds support for automatically setting the number of upload slots per torrent. This is done by calculating: 1 + (upload_speed / 6).

Note: I'm not sure if I've put this in the right place (updateBandwidth). It also overwrites everything someone might have set via settings.json if the upload speed is limited - globally or scheduled doesn't matter. So in case someone hasn't limited his/her upload speed, it will fall back to the hardcoded (or settings.json) value. IMHO this seems to be the best way of doing it, because calculating the slots in rechokeTorrent would be overkill, especially for people with unlimited upload speed. I'm currently testing this patch and so far (running for 3+ hours) it seems to work quite well.

#3363 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_SECOND should be replaced with a non-constant libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Jun 26, 2010

There is no one-size-fits-all best value for this constant. Vuze uses a sliding scale based on how many peers are missing to meet its max connections goal. libtransmission should do something similar.

#3375 transmission-remote no longer operates properly when adding multiple torrents Daemon Sometime Bug Normal Jun 28, 2010


In the 1.9x versions, transmission-remote -a t1.torrent t2.torrent would add both torrents.

Since 2.00 (and 2.01), this results in only t2.torrent being added.

#3417 transmission-remote fails to delete torrent file after adding when --trash-torrent is enabled Daemon Sometime Bug Normal Jul 12, 2010
$ transmission-remote -si | grep -i delete
  Delete automatically added torrents: Yes

But the torrent file is never deleted when added like so:

transmission-remote --add "$file" --download-dir "$dir"

#3684 Incomplete torrents location mismatch Daemon Sometime Bug Normal Oct 29, 2010

Incomplete torrents shows the file location in "download-dir", but accurally it's in "incomplete-dir".

When use transmission-remote-gui to "open file in network share". It shows file not found.

#2721 When a magnet link has yet to receive its torrent data, adding a torrent file of it should add its data Transmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Jan 4, 2010

If one adds a torrent file for a magnet link that is already on the transfer list, although not having downloaded the link's torrent information, Transmission bails out with the error message "The transfer cannot be added because it is a duplicate of an already existing transfer." Instead of detecting the torrent file as a duplicate of a magnet link needing torrent information, Transmission should use the information found in the file as a starting point. This would result in quicker-starting downloads in some cases.

Reproducible in: 1.80b3, nightly 9855

#3276 Make the RPC arguments' naming scheme internally consistent Transmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Jun 8, 2010


The rpc keys are a mix of camel case and hyphen delimited strings. Of the session arguments, however, only seedRatioLimit and seedRatioLimited are camel cased. Maybe they should be dropped for the pref keys ratio-limit and ratio-limit-enabled?

This should allow a 1 to 1 correspondence between session rpc arguments and their requisite settings.json pref keys. It's probably not worth messing with the torrent arguments because it's such a mess.

gvdl (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers libtransmission Sometime Bug Minor Feb 16, 2010

Currently the code doesn't allow two different peers with the same IP address but different ports. For example getExistingAtom() in peer-mgr.c only checks the IP address but not the port.

This limitation makes it impossible to test file transfer between two Transmission peers on the same host.

#4018 Use octal notation for umask in settings.json libtransmission None Set Enhancement Minor Feb 12, 2011


When T creates session default settings, it is better to use process umask value, I guess. Without this patch it is impossible to use User Private Groups, for example.

getumask()'s code is copy/paste from getumask(3) manpage, which is glibc extension.


jordan (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#4166 Set Location doesn't detect/remember the right choice GTK+ Client Sometime Enhancement Minor Apr 3, 2011

When you try to change the location of the data, the dialogue always defaults to moving the data, regardless of the previously used setting or the state of the torrent being changed. If you are repeatedly moving the location of already-existing data this is unnecessarily cumbersome. A simple thing would be to simply remember the last choice. Perhaps the smarter thing is to guess the choice based on the status of the torrent: if the torrent has already been finished but the data is somehow missing then default to "already exists". If still downloading or completed and not in an error state, then default to "move".

#4196 Should ignore one address of peer if reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6 libtransmission Sometime Bug Minor Apr 17, 2011

Many a time the same host will appear as both IPv4 and IPv6 if it is dual-stacked.

If the IPv6 address is a Teredo address (2001:0:0:/32) or an 6to4 address (2002:0::/16) then the host's ISP doesn't natively do IPv6, and it would be better to just ignore the IPv6 address and focus on the IPv4 address. (Extracting the v4 address from the Teredo or 6to4 address is trivial.)

It would be even better if there were some sort of host identifier that could be used to de-duplicate, but I don't know the BT protocol.

If the v6 address is native, then I don't know which should be ignored. But at least some coordination should be done to avoid sending the same data twice.

#4856 Torrent is re-downloaded completely when verification was not finished libtransmission None Set Bug Minor Apr 4, 2012

Transmission should check first if files exist when started

Precondition: There is a torrent which was updated

Steps to reproduce:
1) Remove old torrent file

transmission-remote –t 1 –r

2) Add new torrent file

transmission-remote –a new.torrent

transmission-daemon starts verifying existing files (e.g. file_1.txt file_2.txt; new file_3.txt is not downloaded yet)
3) Exit transmission-daemon while the verification of existing files is not complete (e.g. 3% verified)

killall -15 transmission-daemon

4) Start transmission-daemon again. [status of the torrent = stopped]

transmission-daemon –g /tmp/_torrents/
transmission-daemon -l

5) Start the torrent

transmission-remote -t 1 –s

Actual Result: torrent is re-downloaded completely; no verification occurs
Expected Result: existing files file_1.txt file_2.txt are verified; having completed the verification transmission-daemon starts downloading file_3.txt

#5741 Web UI: allow filter for trackerless torrents Web Client 3.00 Enhancement Minor Jul 12, 2014

A patch to allow in the Web UI filter for trackerless torrents. It adds an "Trackerless" option under "All".

#4054 Retain Finder Labels when using "Move Data File to..." Mac Client Sometime Bug Normal Feb 24, 2011


I use finder labels to mark files after they have been downloaded, but before they are finished seeding. I use "Move Data File to..." to move the files off of my laptop to an external drive while they are still being seeded. Unfortunately, when Transmission moves those files within the application, the finder labels are set to blank.

#4348 Disable options dialog only for automatically added torrents GTK+ Client None Set Enhancement Normal Jul 8, 2011

It would be nice to have an option to disable the options dialog only for automatically added torrents placed in the watched directory. The option should allow all other torrents added from within transmission or from a browser to still display the options dialog.

The use case for this is that a user placing torrents in the automatic add directory may be doing it remotely and want them started automatically. But at the same time prefer to use the options dialog when using transmission locally.

It could function as sub-option of the current "Show options dialog" option and only be available when "Show options dialog" is enabled. A suggestion for the name that would fit in this layout would be "Disable dialog for automatically added torrents".

#4476 Android patch for libtransmission libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Sep 11, 2011

I'm writing simple transmission client for Android and I found two issues in libtransmission:

  • Android doesn't support Locale and libtransmission code isn't resistant on such lack of functionality and is causing segmentation fault .
  • Android support statfs instead of statvfs.

I have attached simple patch against libtransmission 2.33 for both of those issues.

#4645 transmission-create should support web seeds Utils Sometime Enhancement Normal Nov 23, 2011

As title.

#4890 Populate the application menu in GNOME 3 GTK+ Client None Set Bug Normal May 2, 2012

With GNOME 3 it is now possible to specify entries for an application menu, similar to under OS X. The GNOME project is making a concerted effort to adopt this consistently. See - https://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/PortToGMenu

It would be fantastic if Transmission could be consistent with other GNOME apps and provide an populated application menu.

I've got a couple of suggestions here for potential app menu formats. In the first, the entire menu bar is replaced by the app menu:

New... Open URL... --- Start All Pause All --- View > Sort By > --- Preferences --- Help About Transmission Quit

(This requires that the entries under Torrent are accessible via the context menu.)

An alternative would be to take a more conservative approach:

Start All Pause All --- Preferences --- Help About Transmission Quit

#5385 Add grouping option to libtransmission/web interface libtransmission 3.00 Enhancement Normal Jun 26, 2013

this ticket may seem a duplicate of #2175, but it is more complete.

  • applying a group to a download will survive restarts (ie. it is saved in resume file)
  • users can customise their groups through config (transmission-daemon/settings.json)
  • a default group can be set through config (transmission-daemon/settings.json)
  • default group can be modified through web interface
  • web interface displays group by means of coloured block in torrent rows
  • in web interface group can be modified through contextmenu
  • 'On Torrent Completion' script is called with extra param 'TR_TORRENT_GROUP'

#5504 Small feature to allow the return key to submit the add torrent form Web Client 3.00 Enhancement Normal Sep 26, 2013

Hi guys,

I've added a very small addition to the web interface to allow the upload torrent form to be submitted by pressing return in the "torrent URL" or "destination folder" fields. At the moment you can copy a link into the "torrent URL" field, but pressing return doesn't submit the form. Not a fix as such, I just didn't like reaching for my mouse every time :)

#4141 transmission-show --scrape option not working with udp trackers Utils Sometime Bug Normal Mar 23, 2011

when using the utility "transmission-show --scrape" option with a udp-tracker torrent, the output returns..

udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/scrape?info ... error: Unsupported protocol

Test Condition: Linux Debian, transmission-show 2.22+ (12211)

#4220 should preserve state of tree view in files tab GTK+ Client None Set Enhancement Normal Apr 30, 2011

In the GTK interface, clicking on a torrent being downloaded brings up the properties. In a torrent that includes multiple directories and files, if I expand the tree view to a particular state, click on close and return back, the view is not preserved. This is annoying. The UI should preserve the view that I left it in when I return back.

#4651 An option to change numwant libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Nov 30, 2011

As of now, Transmission always sends numwant=80 in scrape requests. Which means it'll receive a list of only 80 peers. The problem is when the torrent has a lot of peers, but only a few seeds, it's very unlikely that you'll get enough seeds in that list.

#2939 add and remove trackers without supplying the whole list in libT libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Trivial Feb 20, 2010

Right now adding and removing trackers is done through tr_torrentSetAnnounceList(), which requires recreating everything. This makes the code for adding and removing trackers a bit convoluted (both in libT and the client code) and gives the calling code knowledge it doesn't need (direct access to setting tracker id, having to leave scrapes blank, etc.).

A function to add a single tracker supplying only an announce address and a tier (-1 for new tier, perhaps) would be useful. A function to remove trackers by supplying just a list of tracker id's would be equally useful.

mike.dld (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#4329 transmission-daemon resets config path after SIGHUP Daemon None Set Bug Minor Jun 21, 2011

I'll admit I haven't tried out a nighly build. I'm running transmission from my router, and in absence of a MIPS build readily available and not wanting to install a toolchain for a single bug, I can't really accomplish this. I have taken a cursory look around the source, and it looks to my eye as if nothing relevant has changed since release.

Steps to reproduce are simple: Provide an alternate config dir with -g on the command line, observe the settings, and send a SIGHUP to the daemon. The daemon with disregard the command line argument and use config files from the default directory location, in my case .config/transmission/ was created in the process. My C is pretty weak, so I'm afraid I can't submit a patch, but I suspect it has something to do with tr_sessionGetConfigDir in libtransmission/platform.c

#3212 Add "Message Log" support to Qt client Qt Client 3.00 Enhancement Normal May 16, 2010

Tray icon still has Message Log even though it was removed from the client.

There are still references in ui_mainwin.h but I'm not sure if you want to keep those.

#3773 Settings for multi-selected torrents are unclear. Qt Client None Set Bug Normal Nov 27, 2010

example: two torrents are selected, with different priorities, one has 'honor limits' unchecked, and they have different individual limits set. The checkbox appears unchecked if it is unchecked for any selected torrent. if you want all unchecked, it must be clicked twice, though there is no visible change. The priority box on the other hand, shows no value, good, but it is still not clear if setting it will cause all selected torrents to have the others options set as shown. When some torrents have a differing numeric option, only one is shown, with no indication that some differ. typing the same value would cause a possibly unintended change. Showing the high and low values if there are a range might be nice.

in short, checkboxes and text boxes should indicate 'multiple values', as drop-down boxes do, and it should be more clear when any change has actually been submitted.

#4518 mark appropriate fields in prefs as html5 number fields Web Client Sometime Enhancement Normal Sep 27, 2011

There are multiple fields that only accept number values in the prefs window, so they should be marked as such (with the corresponding min and step).

#5608 File renaming in torrent properties Transmission None Set Enhancement Normal Feb 13, 2014


as with older versions of GTK client, I've tried this:

  1. start some torrent from browser
  2. wait until it is downloaded
  3. double click on torrent in main window which opens torrent properties window
  4. switch to tab "Files"
  5. double click on file

In previous versions this procedure opened file using program to handle particular file type. In newer version (2.82), clicking on file name tries to rename file instead. You have to double click on file icon which is rather small (16x16 pixels).

I would like to point out that renaming file isn't action expected upon single or double click (at least for me) and renaming torrent file is easier than opening it. Opening file should be easier since it is more common than file renaming.

Background: This is especially confusing if you are using Transmission under Gnome where file manager (Nautilus) has same behaviour for opening files as previous version of GTK Transmission client.

I would like to suggest to make file renaming on "Files" tab in "Properties" window either through context menu on right click or using standard key shortcut for file renaming which tends to be <F2> (<F6> in MC-like file managers) and allow file opening by double click on file name (string).

Thank you

#5641 Transmission-gtk (show a notification when torrents are added not working) GTK+ Client None Set Bug Normal Mar 26, 2014

I'm running Slackware 14.1 x86_64 with Openbox 3.50 and I'm using libnotify-0.7.5 with xfce4-notifyd-0.2.4

I've compiled 2.77, 2.80 and 2.82 and when using the gtk client and check marking the option, 'show a notification when torrents are added', this is not working, when adding a torrent there is no popup notification appearing.

I also have check marked, 'show a notification when torrents finish' and when they are done I do get a popup notification for this.

The popup notification when adding a torrent does work in the QT client, so this does appear to be some bug in the gtk client I hope can get fixed soon.


#5894 Content Security Policy for WebUI Web Client None Set Enhancement Normal Jan 26, 2015

A Content Security Policy is a whitelist for web applications that allows us to define all of the actions a web application make take. It requires a developer to maintain strict separation of markup, presentation and application logic and in exchange nerfs the impact of XSS and other injection attacks.

The patch I am attaching includes the following rules:

  • The WebUI may not include styles, scripts, images, fonts, or send XHRs outside of itself.
  • The WebUI may never be embedded in a frame (if you find this rule controversial, I can remove it).
  • The WebUI may never submit a form (the current code catches forms with javascript rather than submitting them).

To make this happen the following changes were necessary:

  • Using the HTML5 hidden attribute instead of the style attribute to hide elements.
  • CSS polyfill for older browsers to support the above attribute.
  • jQuery was updated to a version with CSP fixes included.
  • jQuery migrate was added to include deprecated jQuery functionality.
  • jQuery UI and the smoothness theme were both updated.

I have tested the latest version of every major browser for bugs and found no regressions (although a couple visual bugs). I have also attempted to retain identical support for legacy browsers.

It is notable that this patch is expected to break all external WebUIs. If this patch interests you, I will submit pull requests to the following 3rd party WebUIs over the course of the next week or two so they can be ready for this change.

As always I'm open to feedback.

#5949 Web UI: allow drag'n'dropping torrent files into the browser Web Client 3.00 Enhancement Normal May 15, 2015

As discussed with mikedld on irc.

Other (native) clients already support this.

I also fixed some deprecated syntax for drag'n'drop events.

Let me know what you think!

#6095 Completion notification is not shown if addition notification is not enabled (Qt) Qt Client 3.00 Bug Normal Mar 12, 2016

As reported by LeVvE and confirmed by Calidude on forum, when "Show a notification when torrents are added" is turned off in preferences, notifications on completion aren't shown regardless of "Show a notification when torrents finish" state.

Defect was introduced right when "desktop" notifications were split in two ("on addition" and "on completion"), in r13813.

#5462 Use CommonCrypto instead of OpenSSL in libtransmission on OS X libtransmission Sometime Enhancement Normal Aug 15, 2013

Apple deprecated dynamically linking OpenSSL back in OS X 10.7, the reason for this was that OpenSSL doesn't assure compatibility between releases and in the event of a security update being pushed, it is possible that applications using OpenSSL would find themselves broken.

I should also note that I suspect that 10.9 or the next major release may remove the deprecated methods entirely, I have observed breakage relating to them in my light testing on 10.9. I have little evidence to back this up however.

I have completed a portion of the work involved already. If this is of interest I will gladly work on the necessary details to get this ready for inclusion in libtransmission. I just need to know how you would like to proceed, my discussions with jordan indicated an interest in using an interface to select between OpenSSL, CommonCrypto? and other backends for use in libtransmission.

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.