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"Work Offline" mode

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Transmission desperately needs a "work offline" mode. The same as Firefox has File>Work offline.

Let's say I have 10 torrents in transmission, 7 of which are paused. I shut down the computer, and come back next week and turn it back on. I wish to use transmission -p to have a look around inside transmission to figure out what I want to do this week before doing any actual transfers, however this will make all 10 torrents paused and I will then have to try and remember which 7 were originally paused if I want to restore things as they were.

You might say "well, then just unplug your Internet cable before restarting transmission". However the computer has other jobs to do.

Therefore we see that just like an automobile transmission, transmission needs a clutch pedal: one does not actually want to do (a state wrecking)

     -p --paused
             Start with all torrents paused

as often as a (please implement):

     -o --offline
             Start with transmission offline

And please also add a Torrent>"Work offline" menu item, just like Firefox, a checkmark appearing if it is enabled. Or have it toggle the words online/offline, as indeed the "work" is implied anyway.

Perhaps also implement if needed: "Telling tracker we are going offline, please wait..." if we were originally online. And "stop waiting and go offline immediately".

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This is beyond bloat. I can't imagine this being useful for 99.99% of users.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by jidanni

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You are assuming that the user usually has all his torrents unpaused when he uses transmission -p.

For users with some torrents paused, and some torrents unpaused, transmission -p is a state destroying option.

The best one can do to emulate "Work offline" mode is to start transmission, rush headfirst with the mouse into Edit>Preferencs>Network, and set downloading and uploading speeds to zero, hopefully before transmission starts talking to anybody (but nobody's hand is that fast.)

I don't know how you debug transmission offline without closing your the whole PPP session, or destroying the unpaused states.

Yes, I too wondered why Firefox had a "Work offline" mode.

With transmission the idea is to allow us to set things up just how we want them before connecting to the Internet.

Otherwise transmission becomes like a car whose automatic transmission is stuck permanently in "D" (drive), with no "P" (park). OK, it does have a "P", (-p), but using it means our lights, air conditioner, radio, etc. setting are all reset to zero and have to be individually restored!

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by livings124

Again, this is bloat and isn't useful for the vast majority of users.

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by Gimp

Perhaps the way to do this is to make a "set speed limits on start" type option.

Then someone such as yourself can just use a 0, 0 set there, while also leaving it for others who might want to throttle themselves right away.

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