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Fully downloaded partial torrents at a glance

Reported by: jidanni Owned by: charles
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Component: GTK+ Client Version: 1.22
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Looking at paused torrents stacked up there in the main display, it is very hard to tell which ones have finished downloading.

(* You see for each one I have checkmarked only several files. *)

Apparently one looks for the word "uploaded", which only shows up when a torrent has seeded and afterwards.

But one thinks "well, this paused torrent could have uploaded lots even though it hasn't finished downloading".

Also the word "uploaded" doesn't necessarily appear in a column that lines up with the ones above or below.

Anyway, start transmission with transmission -p to see all torrents paused. Now ask yourself, can you tell at a glance which ones have finished downloading? There should be some bright visual symbol placed next to those that have.

Maybe there is for those fellows who like their torrents whole, or for those who never pause their torrents, but for us who only checkmark a few files from each torrent, and often pause our torrents, it is an eyeache.

"Just click 'seeding'. WONTFIX." you say perhaps. Well, paused torrents aren't seeding.

Anyway, "Fully downloaded partial torrents" are a category you have yet to deal with.

So maybe in the All...Paused bar across the top, you need to add a "Completed" or "Finished" or "Downloaded" choice, as well as adding the aforementioned visual symbols next to the torrent itself.

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I'm sorry, you misunderstand. #629 is about the file manager, whilst this (#1140) is only about the main window.

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If we did that, we'd need to add an "Incomplete" button too, because paused torrents aren't downloading either.

IMO what you ought to do here is sort by progress. I don't think this is enough of a problem to warrant a new button in the main window's cramped landscape.

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by jidanni

Indeed, sorting by progress, in reverse order, gives what I want. Thanks.

However, this reveals a big oddity of transmission: the progress we are talking about here is the length of the progress bar, which is not necessarily the same as any of the other various numbers and percents there on the main screen... I learn a new thing every day.

(Also 'interesting' is the case where one has no files clicked, then the progress bar seems to change when the mouse is nearby... yes, why have a torrent with no files clicked to download? ... I haven't chosen which ones I want yet. Uh oh, see (transmission:3292): GLib-GObject-WARNING : value "-100" of type gint' is invalid or out of range for property value' of type `gint')

As to the crowded main window: the search box could be put into the top (Torrent Edit ...) line.

P.S., on some recent bugs of mine you changed their title, but perhaps forgot to reopen them.

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