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Transmission is scraping for even paused torrents

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My God, Transmission is scraping for even paused torrents, as seen in the Message Log.

I thought that if I started Transmission with some torrents paused, and never activated them throughout the entire session, then no matter what Transmission wouldn't go digging into them for ways to blab on the net that I had or knew about them.

Now I find the only way to be safe is to remove them altogether. But then I would lose settings like what files I marked for downloading.

Maybe there should be a Preference to not scrap paused torrents.

Maybe you think all this extra scraping might be a time saver in case I decided to unpause them, but I find it like walking around with transparent pants pockets.

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There is no harm in scraping paused transfers.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by smmalis

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While there may not be harm in it, I think it defeats the purpose of the "pause" button.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by livings124

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Scraping uses a trivial amount of bandwidth. This behavior is not going to be changed.

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by livings124

jidanni: Creating duplicate tickets months later is not acceptable. #994

comment:5 Changed 13 years ago by lawrence

I simply find this a bit weird. If I tell pidgin to disconnect one of my account, I don't want it to set my status to Offline but keep me connected. I don't want it to logme off but keep the connection with the Msn server alive.

I guess if they all paused, I really want transmission to simply not touch the network.

I don't want to be harsh. If this bug gets accepted I would be happy to do it myself.

comment:6 Changed 13 years ago by jidanni

Thank you everybody for your comments. I look at it totally from a security point of view. Can we perhaps have a compromise: if the torrent has not been started yet (not left its paused state) yet this session, then don't scrape. After it has been started then that means we don't care if you let people know we have the torrent, and you can then scrape away, paused or not. (Saves everybody unneeded traffic, as most paused torrents will never be started, for me at least.)

You see maybe someone slipped us a few FBI.torrents or MAFIA.torrents and we have them sitting around transmission (the only client I know), paused, until we have time to have a look at all their details or whatever, and finally push the start button if we feel confident. Until then I would rather you not blab all around the network to whatever addresses you find inside of them that I have them.

I mean I disabled javascript in my browser so nothing clicks links for me etc. My mailer doesn't respond to Disposition-Notification-To: headers.

Mostly in fact I have lots of old paused torrents filling up transmission (which only has one main window, no back folder to put them), which I wish would rather rest in peace and not "call home to mother".

As far as duplicate bug reports, the "{7} My Tickets" is totally busted. However, I find finds them, so I will check more next time. Sorry.

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