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stop seeding on ratio and move finished files to dir enhancement | how to implement new features

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this is not some type of enhancement-request but more a question how to implement new features into transmission and help in developing transmission.

i just implemented some new features into the transmission-daemon, namely stop seeding when reaching a ratio and moving torrent-data around on different conditions. i did this by modifying daemon/daemon.c, you can find the patch there:

the obvious problem in this approach is: no easy possibility to control these new options via RPC and you have to use the transmission-daemon to gain these new features.

so maybe some of the enhancements would be usable directly in libtransmission - but i'm completely stuck in where a right place for this could be. i'm also not sure whether this type of enhancement is wanted directly for libtransmission, so i ask first for your opinion before giving a shot to understand the libtransmission-code and implement it there directly :)

what is your opinion?

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Sounds good to me. We do have a so-far-unimplemented goal of having a "libtransmissionapp" library that goes above libtransmission but below the client application, so I think we're on the same page wrt where these features should go.

Unless you want to start on libtransmission app right off the bat -- which would be fine with me -- feel free to add this code to libtransmission in a new file.

You might want to coordinate with turbo, who has done a lot of work on adding move-data to libtransmission. See ticket #920

Since this question isn't really what trac is for I'm going to close this ticket. Feel free to drop by #transmission on freenode; most of the developers are either there or are idling there.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by turbo

This is on my TODO - as soon as I've got more testing of my patch at #920.

Don't want to do this automatically until the patch/fix is stable. So please test!

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