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patch to build on Solaris with Sun compilers

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Component: Transmission Version: 1.52
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Here are two trivial changes to be able to build Transmission on Solaris with Sun compilers. These changes are compatible with GCC.

diff -r transmission-1.52/third-party/libevent/test/regress.gen.h transmission-1.52a/third-party/libevent/test/regress.gen.h
< #define EVTAG_ASSIGN(msg, member, args...) (*(msg)->base->member##_assign)(msg, ## args)
< #define EVTAG_GET(msg, member, args...) (*(msg)->base->member##_get)(msg, ## args)
> #define EVTAG_ASSIGN(msg, member, ...) (*(msg)->base->member##_assign)(msg, ## __VA_ARGS__)
> #define EVTAG_GET(msg, member, ...) (*(msg)->base->member##_get)(msg, ## __VA_ARGS__)
diff -r transmission-1.52/third-party/libnatpmp/getgateway.c transmission-1.52a/third-party/libnatpmp/getgateway.c
< #if (defined(sun) && defined(__SVR4))
> #if (defined(__sun) && defined(__SVR4))

Configure command is:

./configure CC=c99 CXX=CC CFLAGS='-D__EXTENSIONS__ -mt'

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I don't really have any control over the code you specified here...

(1) you need to submit the libevent changes upstream to the libevent developers.

(2) you need to submit the libnatpmp changes upstream to the libnatpmp developers.

(3) we don't have any control over what arguments users pass into configure. this could be added to the README, I suppose, but otherwise, what did you want us to do with this? :)

I do appreciate your work in tracking down this bug, which is pretty subtle IMO. However I don't see any action items for me in this ticket...

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by av

OK, I'll contact developers of those libraries directly.

And I would be happy if you put instructions for building on Solaris with Sun compilers either in README or somewhere on your website. It could save somebody a couple of hours that I've already spent.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by charles

Sun C hints added in r8366

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