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Write a summary of variables alt-speed-... on the Wiki

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Even after a lot ot time spent, I could not localise solid info on how exactly the scheduler and its assigned variables work. Bundled with a lack of alt-speed- commanding capability for either the web client or transmission-remote, this is quite a showstopper for headless systems (which are mainly commanded through the above interfaces). This is a pity, considering that transmission is by far the best p2p-app. for them because of its small memory footprint.

Severity is difficult to judge, for headless systems, this is Major/Critical?, for anything else probably Minor (as those are commanded by the more advanced interfaces).

See ticket:2148 if you want to see various stages of the search... :-)

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Fixed: Scheduling. Thanks for reporting this!

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Replying to Waldorf:

Fixed: Scheduling. Thanks for reporting this!

My pleasure, and great job, especially with the alt-speed-time-day, with no info on it, that was a little hard to figure out before... ;-) A small modif request for the linuxually challenged, though: "Note: When enabled, this will toggle the alt-speed-enabled setting." As someone who did not go through the source code (I know, what a noob...), and who only does some Matlab coding for his PhD in Plasma Physics, i.e. fusion reactor research (no kidding), I found it a little challenging to understand how the whole turtle scheme works (based on the params). And for anyone who messes around with headless systems (like I do, as I prefer burning 20 W instead of 250 W continously), parametrising the daemon like this is necessary.

The main "difficulty" here (conceptually) was that some params are switches (i.e. one-off parameters that stay as they are, e.g. the alt-speed-...-settings, the alt-speed-time-enabled, etc) and then there is one which is a status indicator (alt-speed-enabled), which toggles automatically based on the other scheduling params.

So, in short, I suggest this:

Note: If this is enabled, the alt-speed-enabled parameter will automatically change between false and true as time passes between different scheduling periods, and along with it, the speed settings will toggle between speed-limit-... and alt-speed-... params.

instead of

Note: When enabled, this will toggle the alt-speed-enabled setting.

Also, on another note (this should be a quick change), in the wiki, the other speed-related params are also not up to date, there is

# download-limit: Number (KB/s, default = 100)

# download-limit-enabled: Boolean (default = false)

# upload-limit: Number (KB/s, default = 100)

# upload-limit-enabled: Boolean (default = false)

but in 1.61 those have been replaced by

"speed-limit-down": 150,

"speed-limit-down-enabled": true,

"speed-limit-up": 10,

"speed-limit-up-enabled": true,

Btw, what is the rationale for having the params "speed-limit-down-enabled" and "speed-limit-up-enabled"? I find their existence quite confusing once contrasted with the parameter alt-speed-enabled, which is a toggle parameter that chooses between the two sets of speed settings, whereas the other ones simply mean whether your p2p has unlimited speeds or not. My suggestion for this:

  • Rename "alt-speed-time-enabled" to "scheduling-active"
  • Rename "alt-speed-enabled" to "scheduling-state-slow"
  • eliminate both "speed-limit-down/up-enabled" and just set the speed-limit-up/down defaults on unlimited (or a HUGE number like maxint or something, as I guess it has to be a number) - which would boil down to the same thing as having those two on "false" - and after all, having 2 less parameters is probably a pretty good thing...

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but in 1.61 those have been replaced by

thx. didn't notice that. however, the values have not changed.

Btw, what is the rationale for having the params [...]

Your sugestions are more confusing (to me and charles, at least). If you want an easy settings with more description and other bells and whistles, then use a GUI. eg. the new QT-based interface will allow you to connect to a (remote) daemon.

The main "difficulty" here (conceptually) was that some params are switches [...]

Personally, I don't think it needs more words. I did update the other note, however.

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