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#2198 closed Bug (fixed)

crashed with SIGSEGV in notify.c's notifyCallback()

Reported by: charles Owned by: charles
Priority: Normal Milestone: 1.72
Component: GTK+ Client Version: 1.42
Severity: Major Keywords:


Downstream ticket reported by RuiDC

I'm not exactly sure *how* it happened -- I think that part may be fixed in newer releases -- but looking at the stack trace, it's clearly a crash being caused by dereferencing a null pointer:

#0 notifyCallback (n=<value optimized out>, action=<value optimized out>, gdata=<value optimized out>) at notify.c:54 tor = (tr_torrent *) 0x0 info = (const tr_info *) 0x0

and, a few lines later, we have this:

char * path = g_build_filename( dir, info->files[0].name, NULL );

We can prevent the crash by adding some NULL safeguards.

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fixed in r8670 for 1.72

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