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Please allow to set up DHT port separately from TCP port

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In my network configuration there is NAT and so there is port forwarding as well. NAT does not allows UPNP or PMP-NAT and rather statically configured instead.

For historical reasons I have different TCP and UDP ports forwarded to my machine and "windows" of forwarded ports do not overlap, ever.

I.e. usually I'm using 4XXX ports as UDP inbound ports (they're forwarded) and 5XXX ports as TCP inbound ports (they're forwarded as well).

Any decent networking application which pretends to run anywhere allows to set up all required inbound ports separately. So, for example, in aMule I can set up TCP and UDP ports on independent manner. Same goes for other torrent clients.

In transmission I can't setup transmission to use separate specific ports for DHT (UDP) and torrent peers (TCP). Hence, DHT is half-working for me at very most.

I.e. I can't fully participate in DHT network as good unfirewalled node while I'm technically capable of doing so and other DHT-based applications are working fine in such setups (including some torrent clients as well).

So, please implement option to set up DHT port separately from TCP port. This option should exist in each and every UI and in library of course (just as it happens to exist in another torrent clients and libraries supporting DHT which I have tried). This will allow Transmission to be used in even more tricky and unusual networking environments and I like Transmission so I'm probably want to use it rather than other clients.

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I don't recommend such a change.

There is no reason whatsoever to run BT and DHT on different port numbers, it only adds useless complexity. What is more, some versions of uTorrent are rumoured to fail to bootstrap the DHT unless the port numbers are identical.


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There is no reason whatsoever to run BT and DHT on different port numbers,

But sometimes ports do not have to match and need to re-configure NAT or firewall is a real PITA in some cases. Especially when different persons are managing NAT and torrent clients, etc. So to allow flexible operation in different cases, it's a very good feature.

I have no idea how uTorrent does all this (I never used it) but I do know a bunch of other torrent clients which allows such setup. For example, KTorrent (which is good but heavy-weight and a bit too KDE-centric). Also, Aria2 and ton of others.

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Uhm, sorry, but I will reopen it. I believe that good torrent client have to work in as many configurations as possible. Including a bit tricky ones. Since TCP and UDP are independent protocols, requirement to use same port for both is, er, at least very strange.

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