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Importance of particular toolbar buttons

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Priority: Low Milestone: 1.74
Component: GTK+ Client Version: 1.73
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Some background: GNOME developers during 2.27.x cycle are considering setting "Text besides items" for toolbar buttons. In this mode only buttons that have "is-important" property set will have text label displayed. (For post about toolbar styles and discussion about this change please check and links). Even if it's going to be decided that the default should stay as it's now (i.e. text below items) some users may decide to switch to the other setting themselves.

Currently, none of toolbar buttons have "is-important" property set. It isn't a problem as long as "Text below items" is set but when it's changed they all lack labels which looks bad and may be a problem, especially for new users. I've discussed this problem with Charles briefly on #transmission and decided to ask for more opinions about which buttons should be marked as important. Below is an image that shows current situation and few different alternatives

From top to bottom: [list]

  • Current button layout when "Text below items" is selected
  • Same, but with "Text besides items" setting
  • My proposal. marking only Add as important.

[list]- It would make it obvious for new users how to add torrent from the first glance. Adding label only to this button would make it stand out.list

  • Charle's counterproposal. All buttons but Remove and Edit marked important
  • All buttons with "is-important" set.

[list]- It doesn't really fix a real problem (in my opinion not all buttons can be considered equally important) but dodges it.list list

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I've marked "Add" and "Properties" as important in trunk on r8945 for 1.74.


"Properties" is the button that encapsulates the most functionality

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