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Feature Request: Inspector: Files Tab: Sort by "DL" Feature Plus Delete Function

Reported by: endofalltime Owned by: livings124
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Within the "Inspector" > "Files Tab" I am requesting a way to Sort by "DL" column feature. The reason for which will become clear after you see my accompanying feature request, the ability to delete files. The key is to have all downloaded files separated by non-downloaded files, so that the files which could not finish downloading can be removed easily.

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Deleting unchecked data seems like a mighty bloaty feature. The files around selected files need to be downloaded a small amount, so deleting that data would result in it being redownloaded.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by endofalltime

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I hate to object, because I understand your logic. Please allow me to provide an example of when this would be beneficial, as it will arise often in the future and probably has occurred many times for you in the past.

You download a torrent which contains multiple files inside one folder. For my examples we will say they are images. If there are no seeds left but many leechers, at let's say 50% it is possible that I actually will have almost 50% of the torrent. These are wallpaper images of beach scenery. And I love beach scenery. So rather then cut off the torrent's nose in spite of its face, I will want the images which completed successfully. Due to the nature of how torrents work, there will be no visible way to separate the finished and unfinished because some of them will be half or almost finished. They will be the general size images are so i cant just sort them all.

However, within the files tab of the inspector, if i were able to select one or many items, and then right-click for a context menu which already exists, and choose "Remove Data...", at which point the downloaded data would be deleted and the checkbox would immediately become unchecked, stopping the file from being re-downloaded, then I would really be able to see my Beach Scenery, quickly and easily without having to take on a hugely time wasting manual labor intensive task, like wading through multiple files which are not all complete. Beach Scenery movies are worse, because you can't really tell just by playing it in VLC, since VLC will play anything you throw at it. But I've gotten off subject.

The point is, this can apply to folders, movies, images, etc. You have the ability to sort the files of other torrent maker's software and remove unwanted data. Azureus has done this from the beginning, way before Vuze.

I see your point. From an engineering stand point, it sounds bad. But not giving the user a choice to make their download take a little longer, you are limiting the capabilities of the program. It's like not giving people a cancel button on a dialog because it might cause fragmentation. You fix the fact that there will be fragmentation. The solution should be for the problem, not for the result. That is my point. I will understand if you close the bug again, just wanted to be heard on that one.

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I still don't see the use case, though. Wanting to delete a file you had checked in the past and changed your mind on? I can imagine this happen very little, and the downside in terms of removing overlapping pieces outweighs this in my mind. Engineering reasons beside, this is something i see more cluttering the interface more than actually being useful.

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