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Allow or disallow unencrypted peers on a per-torrent basis

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In general I prefer to ignore unencrypted peers, as even a couple on a torrent can trigger my ISP's draconian traffic throttling which cripples performance for that torrent, and this works just fine for me on popular torrents as I can get plenty of good encrypted peers.

However, for less popular torrents unencrypted peers may be the only ones you can get, so an option to selectively allow unencrypted peers on a torrent may help to get around this.

Or alternatively, a global setting to automatically allow unencrypted peers for torrents with slow, or no connected peers.

In the latter case, the Encryption section for the Peers tab of the Transmission preferences would look something like:

[ ] Prefer encrypted peers

[ ] Ignore unencrypted peers...

[ ] ...except for torrents with low activity

I think I would probably prefer the automatic approach with the default to be off, as it would help with future slow torrents and require less micro-managing on my behalf, but it would require some kind of rule to be determined which decides when a torrent has low activity.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

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This makes little sense. Either unencrypted peers trigger throttling or they don't. If they do, ignore unencrypted, if they don't, then don't.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by haravikk

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Please re-read what I said; With popular torrents ignoring unencrypted peers is just fine, and preferred, as otherwise Transmission may pick up an unencrypted peer which drags the speed of the whole torrent down, unsure why exactly but probably a side-effect of me having so many torrents running at a time.

However, for torrents with less traffic unencrypted peers might be all that's available, so the ability to allow unencrypted peers only for those torrents, or automatically, is desirable so I'm at least downloading /something/ even if it's not very fast, but still avoiding issues with my main torrents.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

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This is not going to be implemented.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by haravikk

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For what reason? And will it ever be implemented? I see this is a useful feature, if you don't agree then fine but I think more people should be able to weigh in first before this is simply dismissed.

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

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Reason 1: Few to no people will use this. Reason 2: This is a horrible idea. The ONLY reason to not allow unencrypted peers is if your isp throttles. It's an all or nothing situation. Your fringe case sounds more like the luck of the draw then anything else. Regardless, reason 1 trumps this anyway.

comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by charles

I strongly agree with this previous post. Haravikk's later post that livings124 "didn't come up with a single valid reason why any of them shouldn't be implemented" is incorrect.

  • The feature is misguided because using encryption is just as bad, from a throttling standpoint, as using no encryption at all. The only practical difference is a higher CPU load from half-encryption. ;)
  • It's an obscure feature that would probably confuse more users than it helped.
  • Few, if any, users would use this feature, and one of Transmission's explicit design goals has been to (generally) avoid features that would only benefit 1% or 2% of the userbase.
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