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Idea: add "Add URL..." button to toolbar (at least GTK+ lacks it now)

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Idea: add "Add URL" button to toolbar. Right now in GTK+ interface there is only button to add torrent from file. But it can be good idea to have similar button for URLs as well. Probably easy to implement and would improve usability.

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I'm somewhere between neutral and against this feature... do we have two "add" buttons sitting side-by-side on the toolbar? do they use the same icon? or would we have text for both of them? There's no stock icon for what you're describing either.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by User294

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do we have two "add" buttons sitting side-by-side on the toolbar?

Surely I can understand that two identical buttons are looking stupid. But you have two similar menu entries and that's okay, right? They should have different icons though (both menu and buttons). For example, "add URL" menu and button can have icon like a globe with "+" sign over it, or smth like this - to give user a clear idea that's about to handle URLs rather than files - just like other apps do this.

Why I created this ticket? After having some fun with magnet links, etc I got the following nasty usability issue: now I'm often clicking "+" toolbar button by mistake even when I want to add link rather than file. Then I'm getting silly File Open dialog which does not allows to complete intended action. That's reasonably annoying and cancelling useless dialog and walking through menu is longer, less obvious and annoys me. Once I'm trying to act just like any other user have to, I believe other users may run into this issue as well.

Bottom line: I believe that proposed change would improve overall UI usability since it could reduce number of mistakes when using program and would allow users to see there is two distinct actions available in obvious way and would allow to complete both actions in easy and obvious way. Issue with similar buttons can be worked around by using different icons. Actually some other clients I seen had such buttons (at least to fetch .torrent file from remote URL) and as for me, such button improves usability. So I would be evil enough to retry to open this ticket. Feel free to disagree though - me tried to provide my point of view and reasons which caused it.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by charles

I appreciate your further explanation and agree with parts of it. In the use case you're describing, your frustration seems to that you want adding links to be simpler than navigating the main menu to get the "add url" popup dialog. Since you can now drag-and-drop urls and magnet links directly onto Transmission in 1.80 beta 1, does that satisfy that need?

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After thinking about this a little more, I still don't think that another `Add' toolbar button would make things any simpler than they already are, so I'm not going to implement this ticket.

Thank you for filing it though, and for taking the time and effort to explain your reasoning. Feel free to continue to report any other bugs you may find.

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