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#274 closed Bug (fixed)

segment violation when trying to run Transmission in Zeta

Reported by: ModeenF Owned by: somebody
Priority: Normal Milestone: Sometime
Component: Transmission Version: 0.80
Severity: Normal Keywords:


this are how the error looks like. Can this be due to not having built in basename and dirname?

loading symbols segment violation occurred tr_buildPath: tr_buildPath: +004e 8001b906: * 068b movl (%esi), %eax Transmission:

and this are the stack crawl

frame retaddr

fcffb144 8002029f fastResumeLoadProgress + 0000012b fcffb2f4 80020984 fastResumeLoadImpl + 000003f0 fcffb854 80020e29 tr_fastResumeLoad + 00000025 fcffb884 800157c3 torrentRealInit + 000003fb fcffbaf4 80015abe tr_torrentInit + 000001a2 fcffbfb4 80010785 TRWindow::AddEntry?(BEntry *) + 000000a1 fcffc144 8001066e TRWindow::RescanTorrents?(void) + 0000012a fcffc184 8000dd4c TRApplication::TRApplication(void) + 00000620 fcffc454 8000d551 main + 00000031 fcffc4a4 8000d204 _start + 00000060 Transmission:

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by ModeenF

Some more information :)

If I remove all downloads I can start Transmission. I can add a download but when I then try to start the application after I close Transmission the same thing happens.

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by ModeenF

Found the bug I think.

in the file utils.c in void tr_buildPath ( char *buf, size_t buflen, const char *first_element, ... ) line 409 I added if( first_element == NULL )

return -1;

Some how Transmission on Zeta/BeOS sends an first_element that are null

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by ModeenF

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An total patch for the latest svn will be in ticket 280

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