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Limit global connections on a schedule

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Hi there!

I'm not 100% sure at the moment why, but I suspect it's my using a wireless network, but in the evenings I find that limiting my bandwidth doesn't help with Transmission's performance, however, cutting the maximum number of connections does work. The timing is what leads me to believe this as it's in the evening that my neighbours start really using their wireless networks as well, and I've had some frequent trouble with them.

Anyway, that's besides the point! I want to propose that the global connections limit be an option when setting the speed-limit mode, as changing it manually gets to be a bit of a pain, but if I leave it at the lower value then I don't get very good download speeds during the day (when it's normally fine). This way I could have the default (200?) connections during the day, and a lower number like 50 in the evenings, to hopefully keep things running smoothly.

That is if it's easy enough to do, otherwise this is probably a bit much of an edge case to worry about, but I do wonder if other users notice the same thing?

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comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

I think having the functionality schedule-able is a bit overkill. I really don't think many would use it, so its inclusion into the interface would be a bit much.

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Sorry to re-open, but would it be possible to make it script-able instead somehow, so that I could just run a script of my own? I don't see any information regarding a scripting-interface for Transmission, would it be more appropriate for me to create a new ticket for such a thing, and just cite this as an example?

Regarding the original idea; I'm not sure overkill is right, I mean user-interface-wise all that would be needed is to either move, or create an alias for, the max connections option within the speed-limit section of the bandwidth tab.

Anyway, let me know what you think! It'd be nice to see one of these at some point.

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

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This value is settable through rpc. We're not going to be writing a scheduling system in the core for this, but I'm sure a script to automate the scheduling could be written. RPC info is available

This is certainly overkill for both the interface and the core. This will be used by a handful of people at best.

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