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Transmisson blocks all other internet activity. Ubuntu Karmic

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Apologies if this has already been raised somewhere else, I was unable to find previous posts.

When I start Transmission, it stops every other Net application from running - the applications complain that they can't get any information. It's as though Transmission is using all the available bandwidth, but of course, it isn't. The same issues occur with single downloads of a few kbps or ten downloads of 300kbps.

Even my chat client and Skype are effected.

Any help appreciated!

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Have you limited the number of active transfers, bandwidth caps, and number of peers globally? Also, update to 1.83 - we generally only support the latest release.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by Chris-chicken

Hi. Thanks. I've upgraded to the latest build, same problem.

The peers are limited to 300 per torrent, and 350 overall. I've tried limiting the bandwidth and peers too. It doesn't seem to make a difference, if any torrent is active, then I'm unable to use any other web-based app. If I 'pause all' connectivity is returned in a few seconds.

:) Any ideas?

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I think this is just the nature of BitTorrent?. Transmission goes through a lot of short-lived peer connections while it attempts to find good peers for you. You would probably see these problems no matter what BitTorrent? client you were running:

All of these were found in under a minute on Google. There's no shortage of this complaint, no matter which client you're using. :(

To the extent that there is an answer: dial your peer limit WAY down. If your router is tempermental then 300 will be far, far too high... try more like 25.

I'm sorry that I don't have an easier fix for you, but regardless, this isn't a bug in Transmission so I'm going to close this ticket. If you continue to have issues even with a very low peer limit, please try the Transmission forums for technical support. Thank you!

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