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Complete system failure with 2+ torrents. Mac client

Reported by: RayfenWindspear Owned by: livings124
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: Transmission Version: 1.91
Severity: Critical Keywords: Mac PPC system crash/hang


Ok, I have a PPC powerbook G4 12". I'll attach my system specs so as not to clutter this report. First off, problem started with new 1.91 version. Problem still persists with nightly builds.

There aren't any crash reports I can include due to the odd nature of the crash. Entire system hangs after usually less than an hour. Has hung a few times within 10 minutes, both while inactive and while in use. System nearly completely freezes up... hard to explain fully. All programs freeze and even the system clock is frozen but I still open finder menus and whatnot but that's it, clicking in the menus does nothing. Since nothing actually "crashes" and shuts down there are no error logs for Transmission or any system tasks. Computer needs hard reboot afterwards. Everything works if I run one torrent at a time.

Just FYI, this has never been a problem until this version. I assume it has something to do with PPC processors but that's not my job... it's yours :P Oh one more tidbit, I have tried both unslimming and slimming the binary with Xslimmer, both have the issue. Oh, I've also tried running nothing but Transmission, which also failed. Fails minimized, maximized, and all other types of "mized". I also have not installed any Mac OSX system updates that I recall since 1.91 has been out and there are none available.

If I think of any more useful info I'll keep in touch.

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systemprofilerdump.txt (19.8 KB) - added by RayfenWindspear 12 years ago.
Transmission_2010-03-08-165935_Fuzzy.crash (25.4 KB) - added by RayfenWindspear 12 years ago.
logdatabasequeries.consolemessages.rtf (789 bytes) - added by RayfenWindspear 12 years ago.

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Success!! Well sort of... I got transmission to keel over without hanging my system so I have an error report now. Funny thing is that in the 2 years or so I've used transmission, I have never seen its crash screen.

It could be because I ran Onyx and cleaned my caches and repaired my permissions that it didn't hang. So perhaps it's not as tragic as a crash as I normally thought. Anyway, here's the logs and whatnot.

Oh one more thing, I tested to see if seeding or leeching torrents caused the crash and both did. Just wanted to see if I could get away with seeding and no crashes but no luck.

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That crash from r10301 in Transmission_2010-03-08-165935_Fuzzy.crash was fixed in trunk in r10329.

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Ok cool thanks! I would say I feel dumb but I DID in fact use a nightly build... was from March 2nd. Guess if there's a next time I'll keep getting the nightly each day. Given the timestamp of that... it was fixed just hours before I sent the report, now that's fast bugfixing!

Thanks again, you guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

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