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Inconsistent click-thru behavior on <= Mac OS X 10.5

Reported by: flambino Owned by: livings124
Priority: Low Milestone: None Set
Component: Mac Client Version: 1.90
Severity: Minor Keywords: gui mac click-thru


The buttons next to each torrent *appear* to support click-thru, but they don't actually support it.

When Transmission is NOT the active/frontmost application, the "pause/resume" and "show in Finder" buttons next to each torrent "highlight" when the user mouses over (hovers over) them. This implies that they're clickable when Transmission is in the background. But they are NOT clickable! A click merely brings Transmission to the front and does NOT activate the button.

Suggested fix: Make the buttons actually support click-through. Or make the buttons appear completely disabled and unresponsive UNLESS Transmission is the frontmost app.

This is a minor concern overall but a major annoyance in day-to-day use. And it has been so for as long as I can remember. I often pause/resume torrents, and half the time, I just click the buttons while I have another app active. 15 minutes later I realize that the torrent is still paused/running, because my click didn't register; I just switched apps. Same with "show in Finder": A torrent has finished, and I click the button (rather: I *believe* I click the button) and I wait. And wait. But Finder doesn't show me the file, because, again, I only brought Transmission to the front; I didn't actually click the button.

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I'm confused. If Transmission is in the background and you click the button the window becomes focused AND the button performs the action. This is on Mac OS X 10.6 with 1.92.

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Sorry, forgot to mention my OS. I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.8 running Transmission 1.92, and there it *doesn't* work. Clicking buttons when the app is in the background just focuses the window; the clicks do *not* make the buttons perform any actions. I've never seen any other behavior, so it's not some randomly occurring thing - it's always been that way on 10.5.x, I believe.

I'm reopening the ticket mostly to get it noticed. However, if you decide that you simply don't want to fix stuff for an older OS, that's fine. Just wanted to mention it.

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This appears to be at best not worth the effort, at worst an Apple bug that they fixed.

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comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by flambino

Alright, I understand why you won't bother fixing it. Oh well.

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