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Some feature-ideas for GUI and back-end improvement

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As the lead developers wished I write a ticket instead of bugging in IRC I now do as asked, submitting my ideas for a better Transmission ... I'm talking mac-client here, but whatever. I suppose it's regarding the whole app's suite.

Here the list with detailed description:

My ideas regarding the custom-tracker list of each torrent:

  1. Option to add flat-file db of favourite/custom trackers
    1. If optional flat-db is set, pop double entries
    2. If optional flat-db is set, load it into each torrent
    3. If tracker-list is added to loading torrents, pop trackers which respond 404, invalid-passkey, unregistered, or are existing > once
  1. Do not rely on DHT-Database or whatsoever, give the option to additionally look-up the torrent-hash on reliable sites like "torrentz[dot]com". Theire URLs are managed as:


  1. Optional list-rendering: only draw torrent's name and progressbar and then show the total down-/up-stream rate for all torrents in the upper bar. Then sorting is only handled by progress and there are less calculations (for e.g. remaining time etc.) - because we don't need all info all the time. If wanted, this feature would give the option to just scan torrents progresses and have a de-cluttered, faster, more responsible client on all machines. When detailed information is wanted, it can always be shown in the properties pop-up.
  1. There might be an option to include some most-wanted torrents list inside of the application. I'm not talking torrent-casts here, I'm talking about e.g. torrentz[dot]com's default lists shown on their home site.
  1. There is a little nifty bug when a large ammount of trackers is getting pasted into the properties drawer of a torrent. The app get's idle and occasionally crashes right afterwards. This problem should be dealt of. As specially if the upper features are added. Maybe reduce the number of additional information that is drawn inside of the listbox. It might be a good idea if there are, again, two modes for rendering. First one shows all the information (but maybe not at once, or not updated in life-time) and the second option only renders the tracker-url.

Ok - I think I mentioned everything that popped into my mind. I find myself pretty often adding extra-torrents for higher speed's etc., because pretty often torrent-files have less active trackers saved than there really are. Sometimes there are none at all. So torrents are loading forever without success, even if it could be finished in minutes.

But thanks for the app, it has been pretty much useful over the past months. I've used David Watanabe's XTorrent before and was pretty impressed the first time, but then it was bugging me that I could not add custom trackers. So I'm pretty happy with Transmission, even if those told features would be pretty amazing

Chears !

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Tracker-list part idea 2 was ment to give option to load the torrentz[dot]com provided active-trackers list into regarding torrent, replacing existing tracker-urls and adding those who were left out. So there are no more lazy torrents …

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Typically tickets should be created as one per-issue, but I'll try to attack this whole thing anyway.

  1. I'm a bit confused by this. If you're talking about building in a setting to add trackers to all torrents, that seems like bloat few would use. You can already paste in a list of trackers by hand.
  1. We refuse to integrate with third-party sites like this.

GUI improvements:

  1. This sounds like compact/minimal view in the View menu.
  1. Same answer as the above 2.
  1. Please open a separate ticket WITH a crash report, after reading through the built-in help, wiki, and forums.
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