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Function "Stop seeding at ratio" not applied in partial torrents!

Reported by: porg Owned by: livings124
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: Mac Client Version: 1.92
Severity: Normal Keywords: partial-torrent ratio


Partial torrents:

  1. Don't stop even if their ratio exceeds the global "Stop seeding at ratio".
  2. Are shown in incomprehensible order if you sort torrents by progress.

Ad 1:

This is the more severe bug, as it violates a user desired network setting.

Ad 2:

This bug is not so severe, but nevertheless the display order is incomprehensible to the user.

First in the list are all your partial torrents in an incomprehensible order, and then your fully selected torrents in the comprehensible order according to their ratio of uploaded-bytes to selected-bytes.

I supposed, that this incomprehensible effect may originate from a wrong ratio being considered. Possibly uploaded-bytes to total-torrent-bytes rather than the correct selected-torrent-bytes. For fully selected torrents, total and selected bytes are equivalent, but not so for partially selected torrents.

In order to test my hypothesis, I created a little spreadsheet, checking both the ratios of uploaded-bytes/total-torrent-bytes and uploaded-bytes/selected-torrent-bytes, but also this revealed no causal relation..

I am not familiar with the code, but insiders, may easily trace back the bug.

Spreadsheet both attached as .ODS and .CSV and inline here as ASCII diagram.


#    Torrent order number (listed as they appear within GUI if you sort by progress)
S%   Torrent selection in percent
S    Torrent selection in Megabytes
T    Torrent total size in Megabytes
U    Uploaded Megabytes
U/S  Ratio uploaded/selected (as shown in the GUI)
U/T  Ratio uploaded/total (checking my hypothesis)


# S%   S      T       U       U/S  U/T 
1 15,7 6990   44500   21200   3,03 0,48
2 25,9 7920   30500   28300   3,57 0,93
3 44,2 8180   18500   12100   1,48 0,65
4 100   349,8   349,8     1,5 0    0   
5 100    97,1    97,1    36,6 0,38 0,38
6 100   351,5   351,5   172,4 0,49 0,49
7 100   175     175     179,1 1,02 1,02
8 100   696,1   696,   1750   2,51 2,51
9 100   349,6   349,6  2590   7,41 7,41

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

I am trying to follow this but do not follow. Are the torrents that do not stop still downloading? This setting only applies to seeding transfers.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by porg

Sorry that I did not explicitedly mention it, I silently assumed this as obvious.

The mentioned transfers were all seeding transfers!

To be very exact: I was reporting about torrents, which were completely finished with downloading what I have originally selected (fully 100% or partially <100% selected torrents) and which continued seeding, even though the global "stop seeding at ratio" was exceeded by them.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

Are the transfers set to "global setting" in inspector -> options?

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by porg

Sorry, that my bug description contained 2 different aspects, as I was not sure wether they were really separate bugs or only 2 aspects of the same bug!

Ad bug aspect 1: Partial torrents don't stop even if their ratio exceeds the global "Stop seeding at ratio".

Problem solved! I could have checked better before reporting, but this exception didn't come into my mind. Sorry for this mistake! (Some torrents were individually set to "Seed forever". As soon as I selected all and then set them to "global setting", only those below the global ratio continued, and all above were paused!)

Ad bug aspect 2: Partial torrents are shown in incomprehensible order if you sort torrents by progress.

What can you tell me about this? You said nothing so far.

Shall we extract this aspect nr 2 into a new bug-ID?

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by livings124

  • Resolution set to invalid
  • Status changed from new to closed

The "progress" sort option sorts by:

  1. Progress (percent of the total files downloaded, as opposed to percent of the selected files downloaded)
  2. Percent towards the seed ratio setting
  3. Ratio
  4. Name

If you do not feel these are the right choices, please open a new ticket.

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