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Exiting verification child process exits transmission with no error on mipsel player + fix

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Component: Daemon Version: 2.13
Severity: Normal Keywords: exit verify mipsel realtime signal


First of all I am not a C++ programmer, just have some general knowledge.

I have a mipsel based media player and have been having problems with transmission exiting with no errors. The exits happened at 99.9% verification. Even GDB said it exited normally. This was very strange since none of the exit() commands was used (tagged them with fprintf's). So I've been diving into the problem and have fixed it for my situation.

The problem imo was due to the POSIX real-time signals causing a shutdown. MAN PAGE: The default action for an unhandled real-time signal is to terminate the receiving process.

I found a solution in adding the following at the beginning of the main function.

        sigset_t alarm_sig;
        int i;

        /* Block all real time signals so they can be used for the timers.
           Note: this has to be done in main() before any threads are created
           so they all inherit the same mask. Doing it later is subject to
           race conditions */
        sigemptyset (&alarm_sig);
        for (i = SIGRTMIN; i <= SIGRTMAX; i++)
                sigaddset (&alarm_sig, i);
        sigprocmask (SIG_BLOCK, &alarm_sig, NULL);

The code was cut and paste from

Could you please add this in the near future!!

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WillemB, I'm curious, do you know which signal is being sent that causes the exit()? I'm wondering if blanket-ignoring all of them may not be the best fix.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by WillemB

Jordan, the events I have been receiving have been SIG32 and SIG33 events. The SIG33 is probably the culprit. I read that only SIG32,33,34 are implemented. I also got a SIGPIPE event which I block using signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN).

Currently running longer than I ever have been.

As I said i'm no C++ programmer and I trust you can make a better fix than I can :).

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19:46:33 < Blaat> Still have the ticket running for SIG32 to 34 masking ;-)  (i'm WillemB)
19:47:04 < Blaat> No hurry..
19:48:39 <@jordan> Blaat: what I find odd about that is that nobody else is reporting it
19:48:54 <@jordan> Blaat: actually your patch looks fine, especially considering all your disclaimers :)
19:49:12 <@jordan> Blaat: I just wonder why it's affecting you and (apparently) nobody else
20:07:50 < Blaat> Jordan, just had dinner. I don't know why I have this problem
20:08:19 < Blaat> probably because I have a half-ass firmwared media-player box
20:08:32 < Blaat> and i'm using a crosscompile toolchain
20:08:51 < Blaat> so maybe something in there isn't "normal"
20:10:53 < Blaat> anyway for me it would be a solution and maybe more people with mispel boxes are reporting crashes which might be related.
20:11:25 < Blaat> You can close the ticket if you want I'll add the code for myself :)
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