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Change "Move Torrent" to move directory location if it's a directory

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.20
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At the moment when you move a single, standard file it does a standard copy-delete. This is acceptable.

However, when you move a directory; it makes the new directory name, then loops through all files inside the torrent and copies them finishing with a delete.

I think it may be beneficial to just move the entire directory, then force a recheck. This will allow users to have an 'script-torrent-done-filename' script that can 'do something'. Most of the time that 'do something' is to unrar or unzip the contents which adds additional files to the torrent dir.

These additional files do not corrupt or modify the original torrent. However, with the current behavior you are left with 2 directories of the same name (one with extracted file(s) and one with original rars)

Therefore, at the moment, the following behavior occurs:

  • my_torrent finishes, moved into /downloaded/my_torrent
  • script-torrent-done-filename run and extracts and creates /downloaded/my_torrent/myfile.avi
  • When I "Move Directory" to /something -- I am left with the following:
  1. The original dir, with original rar files moved to /something as expected
  2. /downloaded/my_torrent/myfile.avi still existing

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by x190

Why not have your script do the moving as well? IMO, Transmission should not automatically move or delete files that do not belong to the application.

I would mark this ticket as "Invalid".

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