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Allow separate restriction of download and upload to global limits

Reported by: Renara Owned by: livings124
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Currently it is possible to have a torrent limited to the global bandwidth restrictions, or you can unbind it and limit the download and upload manually.

However, this doesn't allow the possibility of having upload rate remain restricted, while setting a new, or unlimited, download rate, for example.

What I'm proposing is to change the bandwidth section of a torrent's inspector to having the options in the following format:

[x] Limit Download [x] to [20.0] kbps [x] Limit Upload [x] to [20.0] kbps

Basically the layout is checkbox, descriptive text, checkbox, speed box. The idea is that the first checkbox, if set, will limit the torrent's download or upload speed, with all torrents being set this way by default. If the second checkbox isn't set then this will be any value that stays within the global bandwidth limits, and the speed box will be greyed out.

If the second checkbox _is_ set, then the speed box will be active, allowing the user to set a specific speed to limit the individual torrent's download or upload speed to.

If the first checkbox is _not_ set, then the download or upload speed will be unlimited (no restriction, either global or manual).

This way it should be easy to specify whether a torrent's download and/or upload rate is unlimited, globally limited, or manually limited.

It's not a massively pressing feature, but the current system isn't quite intuitive, as it either limits both upload and download or either. So to have a torrent download as fast as possible, but upload at a restricted rate, I have to uncheck global restriction, and put a limit on upload. However, this is a hard limit _in addition to_ the normal global limit, which means I can end up uploading at a higher rate than I would like.

With this proposal it would be possible to give a torrent unlimited download speed, but keep the upload rate restricted to avoid starving the network connection.

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Right now you can deselect "stay within global bandwidth," meaning it won't follow the settings set in prefs, meaning that if you don't limit up/down for that transfer, it will be unlimited.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Renara

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The purpose of this issue is to allow the interface to be tweaked to allow for download and upload to be unlimited independently of one-another. Currently the available options are:

  • Both download and upload speed use global limits.
  • Both download and upload speed using independent limits.
  • Download speed limited independently of global limits, upload speed unlimited.
  • Upload speed limited independently of global limits, download speed unlimited.
  • Download and upload speed unlimited.

What I'm proposing is that it should also be possible to do:

  • Download speed limited independently of global limits, upload speed within global limits.
  • Upload speed limited independently of global limits, download speed within global limits.

Basically the idea is that it should be possible to set special restrictions for either download or upload on a torrent, while leaving the other direction within normal global limits, so I could cause a torrent to download more quickly, without it also uploading outside the global restrictions for torrent uploads.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by livings124

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There's only so many options that we can add before the options are more confusing than helpful. I see few cases where this might be nice, but the complexity isn't worth the benefit.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by Renara

While I understand not wanting to muddy the interface, the current behaviour is actually more unintuitive in a way as you're forced to edit both download and upload, since you can't really edit just the one without the behaviour of the other becoming unrestricted.

Thinking about it though, what if the "Stay within global limits" checkbox were simply moved such that there is one besides each box? This way, if stay within limits is checked with not torrent limit set, then the torrent will behave normally for download and/or upload. However, if the box is unchecked then the torrent can download at unlimited speed or, if an individual limit is provided, at a separate limit on top of the global one.

It's only really a minor GUI change this way, for a lot more freedom, and possibly a bit more clear than my original GUI note.

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