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Drag and drop tier organisation

Reported by: Renara Owned by: livings124
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Component: Mac Client Version: 2.42
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I'm not 100% sure how Transmission currently handles tiers, but it seems partly that matching URLs are simply grouped, ignoring protocol; so and udp:// are grouped, for example.

However, there are quite a few other cases in which grouping trackers into more sensible tiers might be desirable. For example, trackers with the same URL but differing port numbers, as these ultimately point to the same tracker. Trackers where only the sub-domains are different and so-on.

These would all be nice to have for automatic grouping behaviour, however what I'd also like to see is the ability to manually edit tiers by simply drag and drop.

To add a tracker to a tier, you simply drag it onto the tier heading, or onto a tracker already within that tier. To remove a tracker from the tier you simply drag it to another one. All relatively simply in theory?

This same capability could then be added to the new torrent window, rather than each tracker added being its own tier.

Also, as a side issue, but should HTTP error responses from a tracker not count as a failure for the purposes of trying the backup trackers within a tier?

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