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[regression] Cannot run more than once instance of transmission-gtk or transmission-daemon on the same machine at the same time

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.42
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Starting sometime between 2.13 and 2.33, it is not possible to run more than one transmission process (e.g., transmission-gtk or transmission-daemon) on the same machine at the same time in the default configuration. In the default configuration, the peer-port setting is fixed at 51413, and only the first transmission process is able to use it. Any other transmission processes started after that--e.g. by another user--are non-functional because they are unable to use that same port. Worse, there is no error message of any kind (either in the GUI or on stderr) informing the user that this is the problem. Downloads simply never start.

In my case, I have two user accounts that both use transmission-gtk and I also run one instance of transmission-daemon for downloading torrents when I'm not logged-in. The transmission-daemon is started first at system boot and thus works, whereas the two user accounts are both unable to use transmission-gtk.

This is a regression. In 2.13 transmission was somehow able to recover from this situation automatically. I often used transmission-daemon and transmission-gtk simultaneously without problems.

The problem can be worked around by enabling the "Pick a random port" option in Edit -> Preferences -> Network.

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with the distro-provided packages. The problem repros in Ubuntu 11.10 (transmission version 2.33) and did not repro back in Ubuntu 11.04 (transmission version 2.13). It continues to repro with the package from Ubuntu 12.04 (transmission version 2.42).

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