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Feature: Allow for a delay with a countdown on pause/resume btn

Reported by: jibberia Owned by: livings124
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Component: Mac Client Version: 2.52
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I'd like to be able to have my pause/resume button delay with a nice countdown when I click them to prevent accidental clicks.

UX options:

  • Preference
  • Modifier key
  • Preference && mod key
  • "Click again to immediately pause / resume" while the countdown runs
  • Preference && "Click again to immediately pause / resume" while the countdown runs

Transmission already has a pretty extensive set of preferences, so I don't think that adding another would be overkill. If we agree on that, the last option above is what I'd love to implement

I'd also like to add the feature myself. Problem: I don't have 10.7 (or xcode 4.2, of course). Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the Lion UI changes (I'm becoming a luddite / late adopter as I get older) and the *only* compelling reason for me to upgrade is xcode 4.x. Potential solution: check out an older revision whose .xcodeproj works for me, and then submit a patch and a prayer. Opinions?

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While I greatly appreciate you volunteering, I just can't imagine any others users using this feature. Please don't let this dissuade you from volunteering on the project, though.

I don't get all the Lion hate - I like the changes myself. Unfortunetly the current version requires building on 10.7 because we're using that SDK. The only real choice is to work off an older version, but I really recommend updating to 10.7.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by jibberia

Cool, I'm glad you're being frank! I haven't asked around about it myself, maybe it's worth a shot, but... you're right, maybe not. Perhaps my inspiration was chrome/osx's "warn before quitting" feature that keeps me from accidentally closing 60 tabs in 10 windows by tapping one key left of the "close window" chord.

And I also completely understand the lack of understanding about my (unnecessary?) Lion rant. Like I said, I guess I'm becoming a luddite. The reason is that I have a system that does absolutely everything I need, except Xcode 4.x, working, functioning for a long time, yada yada. I get a *ton* of work done on this thing and upgrading takes a lot of time. I really do use a ton of software, programming languages, etc. for all kinds of tasks, and I don't need to worry about some obscure but loved audio plug-in breaking, for example. My plan is to wait until 10.8 at this point. (And I do have a(n outdated) clone of my hd upgraded to lion on an external drive but I travel a lot and it's thousands of miles away atm. heh)

Out of curiousity.. well duh. read the website. You use the 10.7 sdk but target 10.6. I used to write pinch media / flurry's ios analytics library and you wouldn't believe how many sdk vs target questions I had to answer, even with the World's Greatest FAQ. derp

Anyway, thanks for the response, and maybe when I have a spare afternoon sometime in the future and have done a bit of UX research, I'll submit a patch that isn't a wild pain in the ass for everybody!

cheers, Kevin

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