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statusbar:filter does not reset results after deleting last filtered torrent

Reported by: ferg2k Owned by:
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: Web Client Version: 2.61
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Unix, Mac. 2.51, 2.61.

  1. Ensure you have one torrent only ("wombleTorrent") from one test tracker ("wombleTracker"). Also ensure you have multiple other torrents from other trackers.
  2. Using the status bar's Tracker filter, change "[All]" to "[wombleTracker]". This should filter your list of torrents from many, to "wombleTorrent" only.
  3. Right click on "wombleTorrent" and select "[Trash Data & Remove From List]"

Actual result:

  1. "wombleTorrent" is removed from list. Good.
  2. Tracker filter menu is reset to "[all]". Good.
  3. The list of torrents is empty. Bad.
  4. There is no way to return to list of all remaining torrents, except by reloading the page. Bad.

Expected result:

  1. "wombleTorrent" is removed from list.
  2. Tracker filter menu is reset to "[all]"
  3. The list of torrents shows the complete set of remaining torrents.

Other info:

  • This also happens if you remove the last filtered torrent from the Status drop down.
  • This bug has been around since at least 2.20. I can't recall a time when I've known it not to be present.
  • The relevant html is at trunk/web/index.html@13336, line 52-67. I haven't jumped into the problematic .js

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