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qtr remote and dir watcher behave strangely

Reported by: lucke Owned by: jordan
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: Qt Client Version: 2.76
Severity: Normal Keywords:


As I was testing the behaviour of the options dialog in qtr for a different ticket, I discovered some irregularities with qtr in remote mode and dir watcher.

First of all, while changing options in qtr remote results in those changes getting applied instantly and apparently getting written to daemon's settings.json on its shutdown, enabling/disabling dir watching apparently does neither (now I see that changing options in qtr local doesn't seem to modify ~/.config/transmission/settings.json; running qtr/transmission-qt on my PCs always starts a remote session, where are qtr's settings held?).

I can't reproduce things properly. My tests have shown that with dir watcher enabled in daemon's settings.json, the torrents get added (without the options dialog shown), but toggling the option in the preferences has sometimes some impact on its behaviour, including showing the options dialog instantly after toggling the option on when there's a torrent waiting in the dir and hiding it when toggling the option off (I was also getting the options dialog when removing a freshly added torrent). If dir watcher is disabled in settings.json, then torrents generally don't get added, but again, toggling the option in the preferences has some impact sometimes and occasionally I get to see the options dialog.

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