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bandwidth overflow

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Component: libtransmission Version: 2.77
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Transmission 2.77 (transmission-daemon and WebUI) Debian testing amd64

Even when upload and download caps are activated in settings.json, iftop shows bandwidth caps are being overflowed. Sometimes they are overflowed to use all the contracted ISP bandwidth. I assume this is because the caps do not include overhead?

Example: speed-limit-up: 10 kilobytes (overflows to 20 or even 30 which is the ISP contract) speed-limit-down: 200 kilobytes (overflows to 250 or even 300 which is the ISP contract)

iftop -NnPBb -i eth0



"alt-speed-down": 200, "alt-speed-enabled": false, "alt-speed-time-begin": 540, "alt-speed-time-day": 127, "alt-speed-time-enabled": false, "alt-speed-time-end": 1020, "alt-speed-up": 10, "bind-address-ipv4": "", "bind-address-ipv6": "::", "blocklist-enabled": false, "blocklist-url": "", "cache-size-mb": 128, "dht-enabled": false, "download-dir": "/transmission/download", "download-queue-enabled": true, "download-queue-size": 5, "encryption": 0, "idle-seeding-limit": 30, "idle-seeding-limit-enabled": false, "incomplete-dir": "/transmission/temp", "incomplete-dir-enabled": true, "lpd-enabled": false, "message-level": 2, "peer-congestion-algorithm": "", "peer-limit-global": 50, "peer-limit-per-torrent": 50, "peer-port": 24575, "peer-port-random-high": 25000, "peer-port-random-low": 24000, "peer-port-random-on-start": true, "peer-socket-tos": "default", "pex-enabled": true, "port-forwarding-enabled": false, "preallocation": 1, "prefetch-enabled": 1, "queue-stalled-enabled": true, "queue-stalled-minutes": 30, "ratio-limit": 2, "ratio-limit-enabled": false, "rename-partial-files": true, "rpc-authentication-required": false, "rpc-bind-address": "", "rpc-enabled": true, "rpc-password": "{6c7b5bc35fd69efa0dd791a01ac90532352d7e8243/1g/Ya", "rpc-port": 9091, "rpc-url": "/transmission/", "rpc-username": "", "rpc-whitelist": "", "rpc-whitelist-enabled": true, "scrape-paused-torrents-enabled": true, "script-torrent-done-enabled": false, "script-torrent-done-filename": "", "seed-queue-enabled": false, "seed-queue-size": 10, "speed-limit-down": 200, "speed-limit-down-enabled": true, "speed-limit-up": 10, "speed-limit-up-enabled": true, "start-added-torrents": true, "trash-original-torrent-files": false, "umask": 0, "upload-slots-per-torrent": 1, "utp-enabled": true


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