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Unable to Verify Local Data after deleting one file from download dir.

Reported by: dlazerka Owned by:
Priority: Low Milestone: None Set
Component: Transmission Version: 2.51
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  1. Download a torrent with many files.
  2. Remove a file from filesystem, and uncheck it in Transmission.

Observed: after some time, transmission marks torrent as Error: Please Verify Local Data! Piece #91 is corrupt.

But clicking on Verify Local Data does nothing (or at least shows nothing). Deleting and re-importing the whole torrent does the trick.

Also, sometimes I click Verify Local Data (download changes status to Paused), and only after some time I click Start. Then error message is hidden and it starts working again (error msg is hidden, and it downloads a couple of remaining megs in the corrupt piece). So I suppose Verify Local Data actually worked, but its progress was hidden by error msg.

Expected: after clicking Verify Local Data to see verifying progress.

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