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torrents gone after rename to new directory..??how??

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.77
Severity: Normal Keywords: data loss


I have some sort of transient permission problem on my target directory that seems to have caused 3 downloaded torrents to disappear this morning in the span of several minutes (i.e. when they finished downloading and would have been moved into final directories).

I'm still uncertain as to why this happened as I haven't changed the permissions on the involved directories, but I figure I'll just changed them to world writable for now, and that should fix the problem for the nonce.

But what I am reporting or asking is since the temporary location and the final location are on the same disk (a linux XFS disk), if the rename field, shouldn't the original file's or directories have been left in the 'transient download directory'?

Does transmission also go back and do a delete after an attempted rename (which could be a move/copy operation on some systems).

If it does try a delete after the fact -- would it be possible to have it do a safety-check to verify that the file entries exist at the destination before removing them from the source?

It's an odd situation that I've never seen before, but if I was having files moved all the time instead of renamed (i.e. if they were not on the same device and it took a copy) -- wouldn't it be a good feature to verify that the files existed and were the expected size on the target after the copy operation before deleting them from the source?

Of course, ideally, since the operation was a rename, it wouldn't have even attempted a deletion, but it would have to have stat'ted both src and destinations to verify the the devices were the same -- does it do that, BTW?... Might be useful information....

Not a big deal, but something to be addressed if you want to ensure data integrity.

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