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RPC "torrent-rename-path" does not allow renaming folders to / (or removing folders).

Reported by: promythyus Owned by: jordan
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Component: libtransmission Version: 2.80
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When trying to rename a folder using torrent-rename-path via the JSON-RPC (and I suspect when using tr_torrentRenamePath()), ie: {"method":"torrent-rename-path","arguments":{"ids":["3e521f8fbcdbad26b6a8de52e5944bff9c706d04"],"path":"asd","name":"/"},"tag":86} an Invalid Argument Exception is thrown. Hence via this method unwanted folders cannot be removed.

Naming a folder to "/" is the method that Deluge uses to remove folders from the torrent. A similar method is needed in Transmission.

Use case: I have a torrent with the file structure: MovieFolderDVDRIP MovieFolderDVDRIP\movie.x264.ac3.mkv

If I want to put movie.x264.ac3.mkv into my /home/user/Videos/Movies folder, I either have to remove the movie from my torrent client (and thus cannot seed anymore), I have to have an extraneous folder in my ./Movies folder, or I need to rename MovieFolderDVDRIP to Movies and move the torrent to /home/user/Videos, which is A) messy and B) results in a bunch of torrents in my torrent client named "Movies".

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