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Limit to Seeding Time

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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Currently we have a maximum seed ratio to control how long a torrent seeds for, however, even with the best of intentions it can take a very long time to seed to this value, especially if the torrent has plenty of seeds already. While users should definitely seed as much as possible, people with slow uploading connections will inevitably end up with a growing list of completed torrents.

What I'd like to suggest is the addition of a setting that sets a maximum seeding time in days, after which a seeding torrent is considered to be complete, regardless of its ratio.

For example, I might set a ratio of 1.5, and a maximum seed time of 14 days, this way a torrent will continue seeding until I've shared 150% of the data I've downloaded, or until the torrent has been seeding for two weeks, whichever comes first.

It would probably be easiest to measure this time from the date at which the torrent finished downloading, rather than in the amount of time that the torrent actually spent in an active seeding state, though it would be great if both options were available.

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