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Transmission Permanently Deletes Data

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i just looked up duplicate torrent-name handling and found at the bottom of the bugs barrel this ludicrous quote:

"This is moot now that users can rename torrents on their own, so duplicate foldernames can be handled manually, much cleaner than having hashcodes in the filenames in the users' Download directories..."

it is PERFECTLY RIDICULOUS to allow transmission to arbitrarily overwrite data without even so much as a prompt.

a user adding a torrent with a magnet link doesnt know what existing files transmission will blindly overwrite. i have just permanently lost data, through mere coincidence and bad luck, and not any lack of foresight; i didnt have any way of anticipating what the files would be named.

transmission, in order to not be actively harmful, would at the very LEAST need to actively notify users that existing files will be overwritten, and NOT overwrite data until this is acknowledged.

prefixing each torrent with a 256 character string is admittedly ugly. however, ANYTHING would be better than blindly overwriting data; suffixing files with their hashes ONLY IN THE CASE OF COLLISION is actually a perfectly reasonable solution.

suffixing " (#)" a la firefox downloads is ALSO perfectly acceptable. CRASHING THE BLOODY COMPUTER is a better solution than PERMANENTLY DELETING DATA.

A program shall not damage data nor through inaction allow data to come to harm.

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