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Duplicate torrents are not showned on add

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82+
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When i add a torrent using remote, duplicated torrents are not showned anymore.

I add torrent using command : transmission-remote -n $USER:$PASS -w "$BASE_DIR/$DIR" -a "$TORRENT"

2.77 (14031)

localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success" Error: duplicate torrent

2.82 (14160)

localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success" localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success"

2.82+ night build #8077

localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success" localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success"

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by ThePinguin

I can confirm an issue with torrent-add that results in duplicate entries. Moreover, when I manually try to remove files via the GUI, the process terminates. After restart the duplicate files, including the original, are gone.

2.82 (14160), OS X Mavericks

Response for torrent-add 200 OK "{\"arguments\":{\"torrent-duplicate\":{\"hashString\":\"42ae58b8f59bd19fe97d6ca6fd884b2e9666a4d1\",\"id\":2,\"name\":\"some_file.iso\"}},\"result\":\"success\",\"tag\":9}\n"

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by thuerrsch

I'll try to clarify this a little. In earlier versions transmission-remote used to return an error when trying to add a duplicate torrent. Now (from 2.80 onwards it seems) it returns "success". I too thought this was some kind of regression, but after looking closer at this seems to be intentional (2.80: torrent-add: new return arg "torrent-duplicate"). So I've changed my torrent submit script to use transmission-remote in --debug mode and to match its output on success against /"arguments".+"torrent-duplicate"/. Problem solved.

The GUI issues described by ThePinguin? look like a different bug to me. Using the Web GUI I have no problems with duplicate torrents.

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