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Diacritics in Files/Folders and Verification of existing data

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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When creating a .torrent on a Mac, diacritics are saved as NFD, which is normal on Mac OS, i.e. diacritics are decomposed. The German ü is saved as a seperate u and its two points as a second sign. A torrent saved with Transmission (2.82) on a Mac is encoded in MacRoman? and hence also with NFD diacritics.

Linux works with NFC, i.e. the german ü is saved as one sign. When opening the torrent from the last paragraph, this is at first not a problem. However: If the files were already downloaded on a Mac and you copy them then to Linux - Samba does transcode the folder/file names from NFD to NFC. The transmission(-daemon 2.81 on my Raspberry Pi; Rapsbian Jessie) does open the Mac-torrent and displays all diacritics correctly (as far as I could tell) in both the webinterface as also in the Remote GUI.

Long story short: The one thing that does not work is Verification. Any file with a diacritic does not get verified, even if the file (or the folder and its files) exist. The reason I think it is a bug of transmission is: Clicking “Rename” in the Remote GUI, deleting the diacritic letter and retyping it manually -> Clicking on Verify does verify the file correctly (just for ï it did not work); without renaming the file. Somewhere internally the diacritic seems to be loaded wrongly.

I think it's not a major issue, because to be true, this affects people migrating finished torrents. But as Samba can transfer diacritis, it would be nice to see, that Transmission could do that too. Or at least give a hint to that, because it took me a week, to find out, that i hat to replace the ü just with a newly typed (and hence not loaded) ü. It would be nice, if Transmission could map the loaded diacritics with the file system based on the OS (Mac/linux) or based on the Filesystem (HFS vs. Ext4). Both checks should not be that difficult to implement when opening a torrent.

And i would like to end this report and thank all delevopers, i am using Transmission for several years on my Mac and this is my first issue; thanks for all your work :)

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