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Increase the Amount of Redundant Requests for Last Few Chunks

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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Recently I've had several large torrents slow to a crawl towards the end, in spite of high numbers of peers, availability and bandwidth.

The issue seems to be that Transmission won't download from more peers than there are chunks remaining, so if you only have six chunks, then Transmission won't connect to more than six peers, and if those peers are slow it means a torrent that struggles to finish.

What I'd like to propose is that Transmission always attempts to download from at least 10% of the available peers or 16 peers (whichever is higher), even if this would mean downloading multiple copies of the same chunk(s), simply picking the first to download (and verify) and cancelling the rest. Maybe Transmission already does this to a degree, but I think it definitely needs to do it more actively if that's the case.

While this will result in some wastage due to chunks downloading that aren't used, this should be minimal compared to the ability to complete the torrent faster and thus focus on downloading any remaining torrents instead.

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