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Torrents That Become Idle Should Return to the Queue

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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I always thought this was how the queue was supposed to operate, but as it is now if a time is set after which a torrent is considered to be idle/stalled, then it does not return to the queue, but its spot is still considered to be open for a queued item to move into.

The end result of this is that over time, torrents that drop in activity end up opening slots for active torrents, potentially resulting in all of your torrents becoming active, which seems to completely defeat the point of setting a limited queue in the first place.

To be more specific; say I have a download queue of six torrents and I have six torrents active, and another five queued for download. One of the active torrents becomes idle/stalled, and the first of the five waiting torrents now becomes active. However, I now have seven active torrents including the stalled one, which may pick up again. This means it's still wasting resources scraping trackers, looking for peers etc.

I don't know about anyone else, but I expect the queueing to be used for limiting Transmission's resource consumption, so potentially having all torrents become active over time seems to completely negate that goal.

Anyway, I'd like to suggest that torrents that are idle/stalled be returned to any relevant, enabled, queue before activating the next item in the queue. Obviously if the queue is empty there'd be no point in doing this, though it may be worth continuing to consider it as stalled in case a new torrent is added that could use the slot.

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