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Assign Queue Priority to Manually Started Torrents

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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When download queueing is enabled, it is possible to manually start a torrent using the "Resume Now" option in the web GUI, or equivalent options in other clients.

However, if Transmission is shutdown and restarted, these torrents will return to being queued as torrents that were originally ahead of them will go ahead once again.

Now I'm not completely sure how Transmission stores queued torrents (or even if it does this at all), but I'd like to propose that torrents that are manually started by the user via Resume Now or similar be marked as such and given priority in the queue.

For example; say I have a queue size of three and the torrents A, B, C and D. By default A, B and C will be active, while D is queued. If I use Resume Now to start D and later quit and restart Transmission I would like torrents A, B and D to be active, with C queued.

The best way to implement this may be with one or more options that set the queue order. For example, I might tweak the order to; manually started first, then highest priority, then date added (oldest first). Or I might do the same but ignore priority (leaving it as a bandwidth only feature).

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