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Execution of custom script to modify the torrent *before* it is loaded.

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.82
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The idea would be to extent settings.json to include a script-torrent-prestart-enabled and script-torrent-prestart-filename.

The use-case is: When using transmission as a headless server, often, I want to force the trackers for my torrents.

Ofcourse, this can be done manually, but that's tedious and prone to mistakes.

What I would like to see, is once a new torrent is discovered/uploaded the script specified by 'script-torrent-prestart-filename' would be executed. An Environmental Variable (TR_TORRENT_NAME?) would contain the absolute path to the newly discovered/uploaded torrent.

After the script has executed, transmission loads it and does its thing.

This feature gives the prestart script an opportunity to change the torrent. (In my case, replace the trackers).

The other advantage of this is that regardless of "how" the torrent is discovered (either via a watched-dir or via transmission-remote) this script will always be applied to the new torrents.

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