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Move data on completion.

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84+
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Dear developers,

I the near future more and more end users of BitTorrent? will have second devices with a 24/7 uptime. Those second devices, like ie. a mac mini, will not have enough disk space for this kind of job. What would be needed is a second hard disk which one can connect to their dutable device.

Now with the current generation of extern hard disks which still have platters, and no "SSD" or flash disks. Nobody wants activity of an active torrent on such disks. So when a torrent is then still leeching or seeding one wants to use their onboard hard disk, and when ratio is fulfilled one wants the data to be moved to the bigger hard disk because of speed and size concerns.

My question. Can we have an option to move data to another "folder" after the torrent is considered finished downloading and seeding. Off course when a torrent is paused, and one re-enables such torrent, one wants to be asked for the data to be moved backwards. Please consider disk space here.

Thank you,

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