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Download dir set to previous one

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84+
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I'm using tranmission-remote in automatic environment (cron)

I'm logging everything before running transmission-remote.

Here is what i want :

  • FileA goes to DirA
  • FileB goes to DirB
  • FileC goes to DirC

Previously, i successfully put FileZ to DirZ

My script ran:

  • transmission-remote -n login:pass -w DirA -a FileA
  • transmission-remote -n login:pass -w DirB -a FileB
  • transmission-remote -n login:pass -w DirC -a FileC

And what happended :

  • FileA to DirZ
  • FileB to DirA
  • FileC to DirB

I'm running my script by hand since few years without errors between transmission-remote and transmission-daemon.

The problem only appears when transmission-remote is called from script called by cron.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Yopyop64

I found the problem but i don't know how to solve it. It comes from transmission-remote.

When i run transmission-remote -w dirA -a fileA.torrent.

When i run it from shell, it does :

  • => set downloadDir : dirA
  • <= ok
  • => get file : fileA.torrent
  • <= ok

In crontab, it does :

  • => get file : fileA.torrent
  • <= ok
  • => set downloadDir : dirA
  • <= ok

So it's understandable that fileA.torrent get downloaded to previous torrent downloadDir and not dir A

As a work around, i run transmission-remote twice, first with /tmp/ as torrent with dirA as downloadDir then i run it again with fileA.torrent as torrent.

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