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Use curl's polling interface to avoid select() and FD_SETSIZE limit.

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84+
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The 1024 file-descriptor limit is unfortunately a huge limiter for those of us who are trying to use transmission on a very lage scale. Very few torrent clients handle thousands of torrents without slowing to a halt or barely working at all. I have actually been impressed with transmission and it still downloading fast and hashing even with 10k+ torrents active... It seems silly for a torrent client that seems to pride itself in it being fast is limited by something many others are not.

With libcurl >= 7.15.4 you should be able to use curl's polling interface to avoid select() and not be limited to the pathetically low 1024 descriptor limit which is a low limit for 200 torrents let alone 12k.

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